trip to lucknow
  • hi everybody

    Been to Lucknow, Ayodhya, Bhopal, Bhimbetka, Bhojpur, and Sanchi.
    The conference at Lucknow was a successful. Everybody was thrilled
    to see new images of chola paintings. A great scholar of benaras and
    who worked with C.Sivaramamurthy had invited me for a special talk
    at Bhata Kala Bhavan/BHU, a treasure house Indian art.

    Ayodhya – fine. Frisked at so many places. Police was kind enough to
    let our cloths on. Rest prohibited. Aren't we wasting our time and
    energy on this?

    Bhimbetka- Nice site of prehistoric Roack art

    Bhojpur needs special mention. It houses the largest stone linga –
    9m high. An attempt was made to construct a massive temple there by
    king Bhoja, but did not complete even the garbhagriha. There is a
    massive ramp of that period near the temple. Remember the ramp for
    Big temple. I will post the images afterwards.

    Sanchi: great work

    Again off tonight to Karnataka via Bangalore. To Hampi, Aihole,
    BAdami, Pattdakal and Bijapur.

    Those PS members wish to meet and want to see photos of Chola
    paintings may call on 9444280408/ 9841008415 (On 21/22 and 31st)
  • Photos paarka 'jolluvittukondu' kaathirukkireyn!
    Chandrasekaran :)

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