• Hi Folks,
    This sounds great. Lets go ahead and do this.
  • Dear SPS
    that sounds great...If you decides the dates then i can plan my schedule..
  • Dear SPS,

    I feel 9.00AM to 2.00PM will be better. In Bangalore only myself, Sabaree and deepa are there as per my knowledge. Eagerly waiting to meet you all soon.
  • SB Sir,

    Ennai marandhitteengale !!
  • -Unnai marakka mudiyumaa???? suganya

    aanaa somehow unnai 'bangalore' oda connect panna mudiyala

    avvalavu aalama ellor manathilum pathinthu vittathu

  • Suganya, are you in Bangalore this weekend? Please
    meet PS Blr team:) We are meeting at 3 pm in Barrista
    St Marks Road.
  • Venkat sir,

    Any chance that I can get a "pre release" of your
    book... Please tell where to obtain..
  • > You have APS Saravanan, S G Krishna Pillai
    > (who
    > > earlier worked
    > Deepa Prakash

    Hello All,

    Yes I am very much here in Bangalore, little busy
    with work - could not reply - I will try to meet you
    all at least for a short while, if you plan a meeting.
  • Hi Deepa,

    Sorry yaar. I have got some work over the weekend. I wont be able to
    meet u guys then.

    Please go ahead with the meeting. We shall meet some other time.
  • Dear APS.,

    We planned to meet on this sunday at around 3.00PM in balista Coffee shop. It is in St.Marks Road.

    My contact no.:9900162196
  • Hi Suganya,
    Thats ok, we will miss not having you with us during
    the meeting. But pls pls pls pls tell us when you have
    the time and we can arrange a meeting again with you.
    Have a great week-end buddy
  • Sure.....we shall meet definitely.

    Instead of a simple meet, we can go for a small one-day trip to either
    Nandi Hills(Chola construction) or Kolar - Kolaramma temple.

    A month or two before, this tour was proposed and dropped due to the
    inconvenience of the Bangalore members. I would love to make it
    happen. We can plan for this trip on next sunday Dec 17th.

    Last time GSK sir, Sriraman Sir and many others were interested in
    this trip. We shall make it happen this time.

    Now we have more members in Bangalore, we can do this trip.

    Please everyone put forward your opinions and can also plan for it in
    this weekend meet in Barrista.
  • Dear all,

    Add one more member at bangalore.

    I have shifted from delhi to bangalore in July. Due
    to new job pressure I was not able to reply for any

    Now I am at Bangalore with M/s.Jindal Aluminium
    Limited, Tumkur Road.

    with best regards,
  • Wow.. Bangalore meet finally.. and a trip too.. guys I have moved to Seattle(temporary 4 months), if we have any PS members, let me know.
  • Hi Ganesan,
    The team PS blr plans to meet this sunday at Barrista
    St.Marks road at 4 pm. Please do come :)
  • Nice idea suganya,
    We will discuss this and plan the same:) Will be fun
  • Neenga Seattle lendu thrimbi vanda pinna we can meet
    once again in Bangalore Nanda:)
  • Hi all

    ps meet february

    lets plan a one day trip.
    all the talk on ps can be on the way.

    my suggestion

    leave chennai by 6.30 valmiki temple ecr
    8.15- marakanam - chola architecture
    10.30 alhambra fort - smabuvaraayar and arab fort
    12- pallava stone quarry @mahabali puram pidari ratham
    1-2 lunch at mahabalaipuram
    3.30 Vallam Caves( pallava), two kilometres east of Chinglepet town
    5. cofee at chingel pet
    5.30 pulipakkam hill( chola) for sunset watch and back to madras.

    shold be exhausting but very informative if sriraman accompanies us

    I hope people come up with alternate itineries too

  • When in feb are we doing this? I want to apply for
    leave from work and come along with you folks.
  • This is great. But, why not in December or January
  • hi sps

    tell us a date please.

  • > Hope the Bangalore Meet is on .. now at 1700 hrs
    > when I am posting
    > this..
    > anbudan / sps

    Yes, the meeting went on, but I could not join. I
    spoke over phone to Muhilan and Sabri, while they were
    at Barista coffee shop at about 4.45 PM (Deepa itseems
    left a little earlier). We spoke about a one day trip
    to historical places in and around Bangalore with
    incriptions in Tamil, like Someswara temple in
    Gangavara, Nandi temple near Nandhi Hills,etc.

    We plan to meet (again) some time later this month.
    I think Muhilan will write more about the meeting.
  • Hi Muhilan,
    Please fill in the gp about the Blr meeting.
  • Sounds terrific :) I am in
  • Is the plan on 25 Dec still on??
  • I'm enrolled...
  • Precisely explained sathish

    so much of the time we relish the finished product without analyising
    the job behind.

    this pidari quarry is as important to pallava architecture as the
    legendary " 7km ramp from sarapallam" in tanjore.

    also temples in their unfinished stage give us a clear explanation of
    how the architects thought.

  • 25 december
    -small group in 1 car
    we could go to thiruvallur and see the cavemen sites at poondi

    also see 2 thevara sthalams nearby.

    Request take charge of Head Count and Co-Ordination.

    1. R.Venkat
    2. SPS
    3. VK
    4. Deepa
    ... to begin with.
    thanks. sps
  • Members, please say "yes" or "no." Once the date is
    finalized, we will take a final call.
    More participance is required!!
    You can also invite friends / relatives.
  • ++1. i am in.
  • Count me for this trip !!
  • yes, I am in
  • Yes, Add my name too in that list.

    This is my first mail to this group. Let me introduce to this group. I am
    durai, working as a programmer in chennai. why i was sitting here(last 2
    months) as a silent spectator means i want to finish reading PS before i
    want to write anything in this group(next i have sit and read all the
    previous mails in this group)....Yes i did it.Now i am doing a word of mouth
    marketting to everyone in my circle to read PS. I will write about it later.

    This is really rocking group.Nothing more to say. Thanks to everyone.

  • Hi Durai,
    Participate in the discussions man, it will be fun.
  • For Febs trip Yes.. For trip on 25th No.
  • Iam available for trip on 25th. Will bring my wife also.


    Note: forwarded message attached.

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