Kalki's Impact
  • All,

    Good to see so many new comers participating. Kalki has definitely
    redefined many things. A master story teller.

    I havent read any of Sandilyans novel. Earlier there were
    discussions about other authors as well. So thought will give a try.
    Got a copy of 'Rajamudhirai' by Sandilyan. ayyooo..enna koduma sir
    ethu (chandramukhi Prabhu style-la padikkavum)..initially iwas very
    much irritated..out of 10 pages the story runs only 2 lines.
    javvu...mathiri descriptions. Later i started skipping the
    descriptions and read only the dialogues....appa sami...I cant stand
    more than 250 pages of the 600 odd in the first volume....muyarchiya
    kai vituten...I really wonder how people praised Sandilyan in
    earlier mails.... :(

    Kalki is really great. Never makes a sluggish writing
    anywhere....though some gaps here and there which is 'OK' for the
    three year race on a weekly basis..
  • Dear Satish
    Read Yavana Rani and Kadal pura Rajaperigai in that order
  • I have read all the three and except for Yavana Rani I found none of the other books by Sandiyan gripping. My scale for a book is if it makes to read more than once just for the pleasure of it, that will be in my favorite list.

    No offence meant for Sandiyan fans though, this is just my opinion.
  • When I read Satish mail, I thought Sri will reply. here he is - thanks
    Doctor. sps
  • Dear Satish

    We need diff style to read sandilyan, first we need to read the story,then we need to read his
    descriptions, really satish , when u read the descriptions cooly sure its a class 1.

    But for our kalki particularly in PS its a perfect mixure. These will go along with the story.
  • Hi,
    I had joined the PS yahoo group few months ago. But this is my first
    post. When I read Mr. Satishkumar Arunachalam's thought's about
    Sandilyan, I thought I should write a reply. For me before reading
    Kalki's magnum opus I read Rajahthilakam by Sandilyan. This is a
    1000page sigle volume novel about pallavas. Well, I got a bit
    frustrated as Mr. Satishkumar in the beginning since Sandilyan wrote a
    single sentence which went into a full paragraph and I couldnt make
    head or tail. Anyway I was patient enough and finished the full novel.
    Then I came back to the first paragraph or sentence. That's when I
    realized his style. I think the way Sandilyan describes the events and
    the surroundings is what he stands apart from others. Many people want
    the storyline to be fast paced and skip the descriptions. But that is
    history and thats what we read in textbooks. If you want to enjoy
    Sandilyan's novels. you need two things.
    1. Lots of time
    2. Lots and lots of patience.
    I think if you go back and read his novels again you will start
    appreciating his style and you will realize he is as a master story
    teller as Kalki is.
    With Kind Regards,
  • Hi

    many have said this before in this group. kalki redefines your
    approach to modern tamil literature.

    its unfortunate ( or fortunate may be) if you happen to read kalki
    first.you will never fully appreciate the efforts of any other tamil
    its not fair because each author has his own style and puts in a lot
    of his time and effort to create an individualistic trait.

    so when people ask you how many tamil novels you have read do you tell
    them "read kalki 5 times"
  • Thank you Venkat.
    Friends, Venkat himself is an excellent Writer.
    Stuffed with informations on several topics - related to History &
    Real Tribute to Kalki. Thanks once again.
    regards/ sps
  • One of the learned tamil history based writer is Sandilyan,it seems he is the only tamil author to write about the naval forces,especially the maharashtrian knoji angre. sowmya
  • Dear Sowmya
    He has also written about the Chola expedition to kadaram during Vira Rajendra in Kadalpura and He is prolofixc in his descriptions of naval vessels ie Akramantharam,sarpamandaram etc in Kadal pura

    similarly the battle formation in Yavanarani...the Karudavyugam and sarpavyugam
  • Sir,

    IMO many tamil writers are not writing for a common reader like me. There are thousands of books that are well acclaimed, but the question is how of them actually reached the general public.

    I also heard the criticism over Kalki for his writing by the literature circle. It is as simple as reaching the public could have been his philosophy, note that he was also an journalist.

    Very few can claim the charm with which Kalki writes. I too agree Sandiyan is a proflic writer in his own right, but it is also true none had created such a passion in the readers mind as Kalki.
  • >
    > IMO many tamil writers are not writing for a common reader like me.
    There are thousands of books that are well acclaimed, but the question
    is how of them actually reached the general public.

    Hi sivaram,

    its not only the tamil writers who face such accusations.

    there are many writers in every language who write more for them
    selves or for the satisfaction of their muse.

    for eg: any booker prize book looks like that.

    have you read 'the life of pi' the last years booker

    in life of pi ' a man, a hynea , a zebra and a a tiger are marooned on
    a life boat. interesting sequence right. but he drags this open sea
    voyage for 200 pages.
    it has been acclaimed one of the best pieces of fiction in several

    kalki's great in his historical rio. but the same cannot be said for
    his other books. some of his short stories are out right boring as
    deepa pointed out the other day.

    but his endevour to reach the crux of his story to the reader
    completely is to be appreciated. in fact we end up thinking exactly
    like kalki when we read his books.
  • Dear all,

    First, a (belated) welcome to all the newbies. :)

    >>>>My vote is for SS.

    Yay! Yay! Someone who likes SS more than PS!

    Okay, I myself am a fanatic about PS, but it's nice to know that you
    appreciate SS for its merits. :)

    I like Sandilyan's "Kanni Maadam" best among his historicals. A little
    slower on the steamy side, and it's chock-full of history. Next come Yavana
    Rani and Kadal Pura. I agree though, that it's re-read value is rather ...
    small. Not like Kalki, anyway, who can provide you with about a 25 times
    more than any other historic- fiction writers. There's something in the
    sheer beauty and simplicity of his words that make you appreciate his work.
    he doesn't pose, doesn't pretend, doesn't patronize the reader - he's in
    love with Chozha Nadu, and he makes sure you're a part of the experience

    The only thing that bugged me in PS was Arulmozhi's apparent "love" for
    Vanathi ... but I suppose some leeway has to be given in a novel that's got
    five brilliant volumes.

    My two cents.
  • Dear Pavi
    Why am I not surprised that you have responded after all those debates on PS andSS
    Kannimaadam of Sandilyan is good but not as good as Yavanarani...the twist and turns of Yavanarani are really gripping...
    Interestingly Kannimaadam has the same theme as Sozhanila by Mu Metha only thing is Kannimaadam is from the Pandya side Sozha Nila is from the Chola side but the Two Thandanayagars are in both of them
  • Good to see different view points.

    Venkatesh, I too agree that all authors should be read. When Krupa
    used to say SS is boring, I said I enjoyed it. Description is not I
    am against to. I liked Akilans Venagayin Maindan. Na.Pa's
    Manipallavam is another classic.

    Two weeks back happened to read Prabanchan's 'Vanam
    vasapadum'..Initially the language was tough, but after a few pages
    I started enjoying it. It was too gripping and i liked it, except
    for the fact that it didnt had a logical ending.
    Read 'Naan Krishna Deva Rayan' part I this week. Too simple and
    compelling. Every author has their own flovour, but Rajamuthirai was
    too much for me.

    My mother never likes Sandilyan and when I brought the book
    Rajamuthirai, I told her that we should taste all authors. First two
    days, just because i told those words, I forced my self to read.
    Fourth day I gave up. Maybe I should try Yavana Rani and Kadal pura
    as Sri suggested.

    By the way, any comments about Prabanchans Manudam vellum?
  • Hi Pavithra,
    Your translation of Shivagamin Shabadam is superb, is
    the translation published as yet?
  • Satish,

    I would suggest that you try Kadal Pura first, to get a dramatic insight into Sandilyan and then there is one about Rajendra's Gangai conquest, I forgot the name, Kannimadam( i did not enjoy much) due to the dragging sequences in some places

    I have not got my hands around Yavana Rani or others, but sounds interesting.
  • Satish,

    Thanks to Dr.Jaybee, the name of the book is "Mannan Magal", one of the quick paced books. KanniMadam is known for the subtle humour in the guise of a character called "Adigalar". Sandilyan is THE AUTHOR who can come up with very good war descriptions.

    cakkara Kottam and its downfall would have been vividly described, while Kadalpura has a good amount of sea wars, with good deal of plotting and cunningness of Karunakaran dealt..

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