About Rajakesari..
  • Dear All,

    At Kalki community in orkut, i had forked a discussion why Ponniyinselvan was the most famous of kalki work. In one of the replies posted, a guy has mentioned the Book Rajakesari written by Mr Gokul and recommended others to read it. Though I have not read that book, I felt very happy on seeing that. I replied back to the community telling about our group and inviting them to join us.
  • Dear Siva

    Thank you very much to you and the reader who has referred the novel.

    Very best regards
  • Hi Gokul,

    Is your book "Rajakesari" in Tamil or English? I am
    looking forward to reading it. Please can you tell me
    the name of the publisher from where I can source a

    With Best Regards,
  • Hi Deepa

    Rajakesari is the best work of Gokul, thats in tamil, in fact thats my second favourite ( ofcourse 1st always PS) available in www.varalaaru.com.

    Gokul, u told me that u r planning to give us part II, can u pls start.
  • That is very much positive.

    Congrats Gokul. And of course Sivaram kannan. anbudan / sps

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