PS as a mega serial
  • hi

    how good it would be to make PS as mega TV serial?

    Will Kalki hold good with noon viewers - housewives (or home makers,
    senor citizen? Will this backbone constituencey of TV media will cry
    and throw Sabams at the writer/director when ADITYA WAS KILLED?
    Will they curse Nadndini for all her tantrums?
    Will they be happy and relieved with Alwarkadiyan present at every bad
    move against Chola family?

    more questions to follow
  • Hi,

    I think it is better made as a movie with the magnitude of Ben Hur or Gladiator rather then a serial. What i think that stops Maniratnam or Kamal(it was supposedly their dream project) to make a movie out of PS is the unpredictablity of the taste if viewer community!!!

    i think with the present tv competition even Ramanad Sagar would not dare to take Ramayan or Mahabarat as a serial.
  • If ever PS was made then i think it would far bigger and more expensive than
    Benhur and Gladiator. I think Lord of the Rings is a more closer
    comparision. Simply because it also has multiple parts so PS should be made
    as 5 parts and not as a single 4 hour movie. It would never do justice to
    the splendor of Kalki. The graphics should be incredible too.
    Hope somebody makes it soon.
  • Rahul,

    I am afraid it is going to be a dream forever. with a fraction of auidence when compared to LOTR, nobody will dare to make it as movie.

    One of my friend and myself were talking about the ways of bringing PS in to the visual form. One possiblity seemed to us is brining it as an Animation Movie like Price of Egypt.

    I too hope somebody really dares to make it big.

    How many of members have watched PS drama staged by Music Lantern some years ago. Pavithra has written an article about that, anyothers share their expreicence please.
  • I think what stops Maniratnam or Kamal is that even
    before the movie is released, there will be some
    people protesting against some part or other not being
    politically correct.

  • I definitely think that when mega serials which have a storyline of murder and non-stop crying and nonsense emotions are doing the rounds, a historical serial with the magnitude of PS would be awesome..its been long since a historical serial has made a good run after ramayan and mahabharath and Iam sure that PS if made in the right way..would be a definite hit..IAM FOR IT
  • Yes, this is infact, what even Mr.Srinivasan, from New Booklands
    suggested. I am currently liaising with few of my friends with Maya
    expertise to make this animation movie.

    But, I guess, it will take time, and lots of efforts, and ofcourse

    If, none of others have any plans, can I kick start this, with PS in

    Any concerns?

  • Wow!!, That's cool. Some one really going to make an effort to bring
    PS to the visual form. I really wish i could be of some help to the project.
  • Dear RJC
    That will be great
  • Hi RjC,

    I would like to see how nandhini would look like? Something similar to the animated girl character in the Boys movie?
  • Mr.Kumaravel, of Magic Lantern, who made the stage version of PS
    possible, told us the following, when a few of us met him at his
    house almost a year back. WE had the fortune of having a glimpse of
    the video clippings of the drama.

    He said, Kamal came, to the dressing room soon after the drama is
    over. He appreicated the effort and asked 'mylaporelerndhu niraya
    mamiyellam vandirupale?' Yes. 'kaiyila oru ps book copy vechindu
    scene by scene compare panniyirupale?' yes....thats the problem. PS
    has such an impact on the readers and anything done in the media,
    outside or not close to whats in the book, the show will be a flop.

    This words of Kamal shows the reluctance these doyens, as to why
    they are not venturing into this magnum opus.

    Alexander Dumas and Kalki - good comparison...our directors, after
    copying hollywood movies, will say I was inspired by that movie.
    Kalkiyum appadithangara madhiriyilla irukku unga comaprison?
  • Sathish,

    You are correct.

    The animation cannot contain, the complete PS. What we need isscreen
    play. Next will be to arrive at Dialogues, choose voices for
    characters. I am going to base the character appearence on popular
    artists. Let's see.

    We require someone to score the music.

    Let me produce the introduction clip, and let the group know about

    My own profession is man power and project hunting. Now, I have
    taken a different hunting. :o)!

  • Dear Mr.Satish;

    The comparision between Kalki and Dumas was meant to be just that ..A
    Comparision. In no way are we trying to reduce the greatness of the man. Ive
    been at pains to try and put this message through during all my mails in the
    comparision thread.
    Kalki's PS is far far superior in its complexity of culture, characters,
    etc. Im sure the French would have different views.
    Just because we are comparing doesn't mean Kalki copied!! Just because there
    are similarities it does not reduce the sheer splendour of either the novel
    or the man. Just because the Tanjor periya kovil has some similarities in
    construction with the Egyptian pyramids does it make the Kovil any less

    I had actually wanted wanted to write a comparision for quite sometime but
    had refrained from doing such a thing because i was sure it would hurt one
    or many of group who love Kalki and PS. Please note we are not trying to
    prove anything in that thread it is just a comparision of 2 great adventure
    novels which have similar characters.
  • appa copy ngra worda yaaraavathu use pannuvaangannu wait panEn

    three musketeers as a book itself is a copy. there was a published
    book on the same story in a french library. it was borrowed by one Mr.
    dumas who has still failed to return it. The book was borrowed from
    the Marseille public library, and the card-index remains to this day;
    Dumas kept the book when he went back to Paris.

    the line is very thin between plagarism and creativity.

    for instance " the life of PI" which won the man booker award last
    year was a copy of another novel published. when asked about it the
    award winning writer yann martel had the audacity to say " just
    because a story was handled earlier by a mediocre mind , it doesnt
    mean a better writer should not use it.
  • Rahul Sir, why sir, so much tension sir...

    naan onnume sollalaye....
    I personally dont have any sentiments on such things. If Kalki has
    copied, he has, if not, he has simple as that.. I dont
    understand why people should get hurt on this.

    Even copied, as you said its a splendid work which has affected
    laksh of nothing wrong in that. Think of the era during
    which he wrote PS...India got its freedom, country was in chaos,
    people didnt have any bondage towards their country (ippo mattum
    romba jasthiya irukkanu kekadheenga....), he has to do something to
    keep up the spirit, improve business etc. So if he had got
    inspiration from dumas, nothing wrong. He has done a great thing.

    Other novels of him are not lower than PS. Just because most of us
    like cholas, we like PS, If most of us like Pallavas, we would be
    saying SS or PK is the best. :)

  • hi

    when i started the thread i asked some simple questions.

    the response is so good. many are erudite. others are simple
    enthusiastic. some suggested a feature film others animation. definitely
    animation should be last format because the story was told by Kalki is
    so lively. Therefore, mega serial format is the best format to bring PS
    in to a visual form.

    this also gives us an opportunity to discuss the grammer of present day
    mega serials and their impact.

    Rule 1: The storyline of any mega serial must be based on vengence,
    preferably by the lead female character.

    Does PS satisfy this rule? Members please respond.
  • Dear RjC
    as far as animation is concerned you can base them on Maniam or vinus as they will have a better reach and that ll save animators wasteing time to create faces

    However you can use current actors and actresses mannerisms to add to the charectors and amy be even use them for voicovers...

    Screen play should not be a problem or the dilaogues because the kalki dialoques are quite simple

    if you need a hand more than delighted to offer assistance...

    are you planning a bilungual??

    Keep us posted
  • Hi Yesterday or day before in thinathanthi there was an article on a
    writer, director called- maa lakshmanan. reportedly he was working on
    the screen play for Ps as a mega serial. but his death in 2005 put an
    end to the project.

  • Thanks!

    I was planning for Tamil only. But, Binlingual will get us more
    reach. Can we make the next step?

    Ok, I will keep the group posted on developments on this, from now
    on. I will require your help.

  • Hi Rajendra Cholan @ Sankaran,

    Chandrasekaran here. Any help in story boarding, voice, music (can be
    offered by Balabharati of Saasanam, who happens to hail from my town,
    Madurai). FYI, I did a small TVC for a minute to compete in the
    Incredible India contest conducted by Govt of India, without any prior
    experience, and I must say, we did a satisfying job., even though I
    didnt win a prize. Planning to get the titles changed to TTDC and
    present to them. If this clicks, I can be a supportive member in your
    creation team, with my dabbling with caricature and sketch making.
  • Ps friends,
    if you need any help in translating,or the bilingual planning,or anyother help,I am ready.
  • Dear Rahul,
    I endorse your views
  • Just a few suggestions.

    Please ensure that PS is made in atleast 3 to4 languages. Tamil, English
    (dont worry about criticism about not matching the Tamil flavor. This is
    necessary to globalise PS), French (i'm sure they would love this if the
    animation is good as it is similar to thier 3 Musketeers) and Hindi.

    English versions of the PS book are available widely so there should be no
    problems there. French and Hindi will take a special effort from somebody.
    But translation specialists are widely available. French and English are
    required to globalise this great work. Hindi is necessary for making it
    commercially viable in one of the biggest markets in the world.

    Please dont try to get approval from each and every PS specialist you meet.
    They never agree with each other and this could spoil this wonderful effort.
    Get ONLY one person (preferrably from this group as there are lots of
    knowledgeable folk here itself) as a consultant and keep in touch with them
    regularly. Please ensure none of the other members of this group know who
    the consultant is or this person would end up getting a ton of suggestions
    and confuse him/her.

    I wish you guys all the best. Im sure you'll succeed in this bold venture.
  • hi my dear mother, how r u?
  • Thanks!

    I was initially, selfish. I was thinking only about Tamil. Now, we
    need globalization, Ok!

    I am getting few mails from group members, whihc is making my job
    easier. I will soon come out with Charater Introduction clip and let
    the group knw for the feedback.

    Thanks and iniya deepaavali vaazhthukkal.

  • Hi All,

    Translation kills the beauty of dialog delivery, but we can inturn use sub-titles for other languages, as dubbing is always out of sync and sub-titles still help carry forward the feeling.

    "Kandukoden Kandukoden" ran in Mumbai for over a 100 days, with Hindi sub-titles ofcourse.
  • dear nanda
    I take your point but there are two issues in this
    one is converting the work into an animated film
    the second is getting it to reach the world

    it is the second one which is more important really
    particularly..considering that it is a magnum opus which the world
    should know

    iliad is greek but Troy is english
    people spoke greek and hebrew but Ben Hur is in english

    Subtitles dont carry the same impact as charectors speaking a might want French and spanish and Japanese subtitles
    on the english version...simple because trnslating english is easy
    and people do inderstand certain words

    It will be a major undertaking like Starwars or lord of the Rings but
    will be freuitul
  • I agree with Mr.Sridhar. Making PS a global phenomenon cannot be done by
    simply having subtitles. The version itself should be in good clear English
    without accents. Japanese and Chiense subtitles are ok but the whole of PS
    should be made in English also.
  • Hi Sri,

    I feel you are better off making the start yourself. PS itself is a huge money expenditure whatever media or method you follow.

    Money is an more important criteria, as financial implications and analysis are important and must be put in place, before you start anything. Well planned effort is equal to reaching half of the distance.

    A start is more essential, I hope you start at the earliest to make an impact, which can be followed by creative inputs received through other sources, being PS fans we are prejudiced and may not be the right candidates to provide the inputs that will give a headstart.

    All the Best,
  • I am an English teacher,and I know phonetics[pronunciation]well.So i can help you a lot.
    karthik amma
  • Actually, Kalki's works PonniyinSelvan and Parthiban Kanavu are
    already translated in English. I am not sure about the name of the

    Why not we use those dialogues, instead of spending time in
    translating again...?


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