hai i named My kid as Arul Mozhivarman
  • hai friends my son born on 17 july this year and sathayam
    nathchithiram. I feel so happy and proud after naming him as
  • Congratulation, good to see that historical name are passed on the next

  • Hi Dheran,

    Congratulations on the birth of your son.. I have a friend who has named his son as "Vandthithevan vanavarayan". I may not have his guts, but I would love to name my son(may god bless me and wife with one!!!) as Arulmozhi varman.
    Has anyone named their son as Athiyunthakaaman, if not, I might go for the copyright on this name.. hehehe!!! or even SimhaVishnu? or Rajasimhan?
  • Great i am also thinking of the same let us bring those charcters alive
  • Hi All,

    As SPS mentioned earlier, I had been to Thiruvidavendhai on saturday and was thrilled by "Rajarajan ThirunaaL".

    The ASI board mentions this inscription and also claims 12 fishermen were co-ordinating a weeklong 'thiruviza' starting from 'aavaNi sadhayam'. "aavaNi sadhayam' was declared 'raajaraajan thirunaaL'.

    Without much effort, I could locate this inscription on the western wall (assuming temple faces east) of the main shrine. The inscription is Rajaraja's 17th year inscription and is in good shape. The tube-light on the thiru chutru is the only source of light. That makes it difficult to read the inscription. The mei-keerthi interestingly doesn't say "eNdisai eeza maNdalam" but says "aaz kadal eezamaum".The meikeerthi doesn't mention irattapaadi, panneeraayiram etc. (which must have been captured after the 17th reignal year).

    I read the the meikeerthi and the inscription continued to describe the place as 'amUr kURRaththu thiruvidavandhai" and calls the lord 'varaaha dEvar'. The left most corner of the inscription wasn't readable because of insufficient light. A long list of names continued for several lines and there was mention of 'aavaNi sadhayam" as "raajaraajan thirunaaL". It was also mentioned that they wanted to celebrate it as a 'thiruvizaa' and wanted to perform 'thirumanjanam'.

    When I was slowly and unsteadily progressing with my inscription reading, there was a power-cut causing a total black out. I waited for 20 mins, but the power wouldn't come. I decided to give up, as my family was waiting for me.

    May be some other day, with better planning, the inscription can be recorded.

    I was extremely thrilled/excited/overwhelmed whatever you may want to call to know about the 'raajaraajan thirunaaL'.

    The inscription, though copied and a gist is available in ARE, is not published yet. In fact, none of the inscriptions in this temple have been published. The temple has a few more rajaraja inscriptions (I remember seeing a 7th year and 29th year inscription). There is an inscription that goes like "veerapaaNdiyan thalai koNda raaja maaraayar" and the reignal year was 8th (if I remember right). That can be attributed to parthibendran. There is also an inscription of kannarathEvan in the campus. The board in the temple says photography is strictly prohibited and hence, I dint dare to click a few pics.
  • Dear Ram

    Interesting, Looking forward more in this
  • you have done a very good job,
    im the lover of cholanadu and the one!(RAJA RAJA CHOLAN) alise arul mozhi varman
    so im proudly bowing u LET THE GLORY OF UR SON MOVE BEYOND THE SKY as like as the ruler of the universe RAJA RAJA CHOZHAN........

  • Hi


    it was so nice of you to name your son after your hero.

    just some time many of us were trying to cajole sathish to name his
    new born as pungkuzhali ( or was it kunthavai). but then he said he
    would like to seperate his loves of life and literature and named his
    daughter sambhavi.

    one of the first persons I know to name his child after a kalki
    charecter is tamilnadu's leading publisher vanathi thirunavukkarasu.
    his daughter and his business are named after this gentle charecter
    out of PS.

  • Dear Friends

    Cholas and Sathaya Nakshathiram

    Kotchenganan - Chithirai Sathayam
    Adhithya I - Puratasi Sathayam
    Rajaraja The Great - Ippasi Sathayam
    Ulagamadevi - Purattaci Sathayam


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