• Hi sathish,sankaran,swetha, suganya and others

    romba naalaa plan panna ecr trip. is it possible in september
    it should be an assorted trip with interest to all.

    valmiki temple. thiruvanmiyur
    thiruvidanthai- rrc temple
    incomplete pidari rathams and ancient stone quarry in mamalla puram
    arab fort in alhambra
    on the return we could come on gst road and visit one stone age / cave
    man site ( sriraman could guide us on it)

    one day trip is possible. any sunday or any holidays coming up in
  • Dear Venkatesh..

    Except first sunday, any other sunday and 3rd Saturday is ok for me.
  • Hi Venkat,

    I am in chennai in the following days in sept 23, 24, 30, and oct 1 & 2. Let me know if the trip is planned in these days, if so I will definitely be part of it.
  • Dear Shankaran

    lets fix it tentatively for 10th september. sunday.
    plastics chandra or sathish interested in taking up the logistics?


    Dear Sriraman

    are you available on 10th. your guidance would be invaluble.
  • Hi nanda

    just let me know when you are free in chennai
    a trip can be organised for even 3-4 people. there are so many places
    to see.
  • count me in too...
  • Hi Sriraman

    could you suggest some stone age/ iron age sites to visit in
    chingelpet district.
    Dr. gift siromeny mentions there are 200 such sites in the district.

    what we are looking for is " something dramatic" (ha ha) with dolmens
    and mega liths and not faraway from a road when we travel from chennai
    to alhambra on the ecr and back to chingel pet.

    siromoney says whenever there is a lake being overlooked by a hill in
    this district look out for a megalith.
    is it true?

    and where exactly is the ancient dolmen in guduvanchery. supposed to
    be near the station.
  • September week ends should be fine with me.
  • I will bring my car & 3 to 4 members can board on it,
    as well as enjoy western country music / good ole'
    70's and 80's Tamil songs!
  • Hi
    if 10 people are coming we could go in two cars.or one vehicle should
    make it really jolly.

    we have a week. lets plan


    p.s Those who are comitted to bangalore trip please go ahead. intha
    suganyavoda saabamellaam enakku vendaam>
  • aha...9th and 10th i will be out of station. So not sure whether I can join
    on 10th.

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