happy chennai day
  • hi
    wishing all residents of chennai a happy chennai day.
    our city is 367 years old( in its present format)
    lets be proud o its heritage
  • Wishing all a happy chennai Day..

    There is a site called http://www.themadrasday.in/
    Venkat, every body call is madras day..not chennai day. :)

    I was searching for the old madras photos, which used to circulate in mails
    sometime back. i could not find it.
    can anyone help.

    cha...mount roadla mattu vandi pora katchiya pakka 1000 kannu
    venumya....enna oru kan kolla katchi...
  • Hi;

    Can anybody help me find old Madurai photos in the net. I want really old
    ones. Hope somebody has those pics.
  • Hi sathish

    I found an authorised map of chennai of 1907 on the net.
    beleive it or not
    the entiire pondy bazar is a lake.

    paavi pasanga patta pottu viththutaanunga

    another shock

    know the bridge near city centre on radhakrishnan saalai

    there was a story it was called hamilton bridge that became ambattan
    bridge and then renamed barbers bridege.

    its marked as BARBERS BRIDGE in the map.
  • Happy Madras Day, everyone!

    Yep, I'm one of those people who stick to "Madras", still.

    Must say, the Madras Musings people are doing an amazing job of celebrating
  • Hamilton bridge - was called aambiltun varavathy.. this was a well known study in the way words get abrased in the daily usage.. and finally it was called as (Hamilton)ambattan varavathy(bridge). Please send the map to the groups.

  • Happy Madras Day!!!!!!!!!1

    Venkat Sir,

    It is tough to belive that a lake existed in the centre of the city.
    Seeing the size of the lake, on a wild imagination on that day it could have been like London on the banks of Thames.

    I came across the following interesting link about the chennai history at the wiki.
  • -Hi sivaram

    the lake seems to be an extention of lake area in nungambakkam( its
    still caled so)
    the lake seems to have touched mount road from opposite sun t.v
    onwards, goes upto boag road and venkat narayana road.
    however it doesnt seem to have gone as far as pondy bazar. must be til
    the good shepherd school

    also did you notice the engineering college is opposite the triump of
    labour statue. also queen mary's college is marked as a hotel
  • Dear MrVenketesh;
    Nice link. Anything similar for madurai?
  • "Anaivarukum Inya Chennai Dina Vazhthukkal"
  • Venkatesh,

    The map you sent me and this one has a lot of similarities and a few
    differences too. differences (between 1893 and 1907) is in the
    geographical structure, like the shape and size of lakes and other
    layouts. Places are more or less same.

    After Saidapet, no mambalam station. for that matter, mambalam,
    T.Nagar appadeengara ooru pere illa. So they are later additions.
    Kodambakkam is pottal kadu. Saidapet appuram kodambakkam station and
    then chetpet. No mambalam, no nungambakkam station. I think only after
    loyola came into existence, Nungambakkam station would have been
    thought about.

    DGP office is at the same location. Arcot road is called Bangalore
    lots of water bodies to be seen. one entire side of mount road is a
    lake. appadi evvalo periya lake. madrasukku 10 varusham thanni supply
    pannalam pola...hmm...even in those days people have made money out of
    water bodies. manushan marave ella....why is the Long lake/nung lake
    called Mylapur tank in another map...

    Kistnampet is the best word in the map.

    wow..what a nostalgia....good to see such things.

    By the way, when did St.Thome became SANTHOME.....?
  • hi sathish

    sure there were differences

    pondy bazar tank is called mylapur tank in the earlier map

    also a l shped pond near luz church is missing i the earler map- the
    ponds is now nageshwara park

    but i did locate ny road and the large undivided area fro which mt
    house was carved
  • Thanks a lot Venkat
  • Hi,

    Now also there is no difference.

    Cars and other vehicles are moving in Mount Road like Maattu Vandi only.
  • Hi Madras vaasigaley,
    Happy MAdras day (sari, sari Chennai day). Venkatesh Sir,
    appavey yeri, kulam, kammayellaam agramippu pannitaanga, ippa
    edukku arasiyal panraanga? nallilerndhu renganathan theru varaikkum
    athana peraiyum viratti adichaa, oorla oru paya thuni vaanga
    mudiyadhu ;)
  • Hi Friends,

    The following link has many precious photos of Madras in late 19th and
    early 20th centruries.


    I was amazed to see the Marina Beach and Ford Showroom...:)
  • Dear Venkat
    Though its a bit late
    MMC and GGH have quite a lot of big feats
    MMC is older than the Royal college of England
    It produced the World's first female doctor( a scot or Irish)
    It is here Malaria parasite was discovered
    Leishmania was discovered there as well

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