how to get olympic medal
  • Hi all,
    Some times back I was thinking of indian sports when I heard of cricket in our discussion. I feel to share like this even though this is not our discussion topic now. We have 1 billion+ population. Yet we could not produce good atheletes or players to win international best.
    In world most watching game- india could not able to get chance to partcipate in last 50 years.
    I have a idea . As a once sportsman I still feel bad to write like this.

    As it has been the quota system in indian education system, indian politicaians should ask international sports body to allocate quota for indian sports memebr to get any medal in olympics depending on the population. Mr Arjun singh can head the committee
    When will india get chance to play world cup football. I dont think it will happen in next 20 years

    another idea

    If u see all indian male atheletic records almost better than world female records. Indian male atheletes should be allowed to partcipate with international women participants to get any gold medal in 2008 china olympic.
    So indian olympic committee should press for this with international olympic committee.
    ths is applicable to games also.

  • Football World cup-la Indiavaa ?

    APJ Abdul Kalam Sir, theriyaama sollittaar - "kanavu kaanungal"endru.
    Idhukku oru mudivae kidaiyaadhaa?
    The day when the politicians stop entering into sports body, things may
    start improve.

    People like Sharad Pawar, Suresh Kalmadi etc., heading sports body and being
    key member of policy decisions may not do good for game/sports in long run.
    (For example, take the case of Cricket Australia, running of this board
    being done by professionals only).

    Indha "system"-laam maathanum-na pudhusaa seyyanum sir.
  • Friends

    Its True, if we can avoid political persons in to sports means , i two belive we can give a better show.

    and 1 more request , we can have all these discussions in our another group , as we already faced diff comments for going out of subject.

    Pls take it in right way, its my request only

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