Reg: Freedom Fighters of Tamil Nadu.
  • I have a doubt about the freedom fighters of tamil nadu.
    The most prominent names of that era that comes to the mind are of
    1. Subraminya Bharathi
    2. V.O.C
    3. Subramaniya Siva.

    Why there has not been done any anything to glorify these heroes of those era? These valiant men, who suffered at the hands of the British and they died a very lonely and sad death.The text books of the schools talk about their sufferings at the hands ofthe British, but I think they suffered equally after their imprisonment out of lonelyness and the sense of betrayal they felt.

    Out of all the functions we celebrate throught the year, I feel, none of it were in the rememberance of the these fighters.
    I feel that atleast this part of the history of Tamil Nadu stands neglected. The sad part is that these days only film stars seems to derserve the statues and functions(not intended to start any flame).

    Can someone clarify whether am right or wrong?
  • Dear Siva,

    Freedom fighters from Tamilnadu are very high. In fact, we have freedom
    fighters from various fields.

    I would like to add some more to the list:

    Rajaji, Sathyamurthy, Kamaraj, Kakkanji, C.Subramaniam, Bhaktavatsalam,

    But unfortunately, we neglect the freedom fighters who have later form part
    of the government (like Congress ministers, legislative members etc.,)
    Freedom fighters who have fought for the freedom and later became part of
    the system of government also to be considered.

    In Tamilnadu, we have peculiar case of Justice Party also gaining some sort
    of prominence from 1920s. Erstwhile Congress party leaders/freedom fighters
    (like Periyar) have joined Justice party and this forum had slowly started
    propagating for continuance of British rule itself. This can be traced down
    to formation of Dravidar Kazhagam, DMK etc.,

    Nevertheless, Desiya nenjangalukku tamizhagathil uriya mariyaadhai unndu
    thaan. But, indha cinema mogham mattum pidithu aattamalirundhu vittaal ...?

    Ninaippadhellaam nadandhu vittaal...?
  • I dont know why people consider cinema antaganostic to freedom
    cinema is the freest for m of impression

    how many movies were banned/ censored by the british

    how would we have all learnt of the pain and sufferings of freedom
    fighters but for movies on maruthu pandyar, kattabomman, voc.
    definitely our books dont talk of these in detail

    also there were freedm fighters much ahead of bharathiyar or voc.

    kattabomman was hanged in 1802. maruthu pandyar a few years later.
    on the contrary 1857 was the sepoy mutiny.
  • Venkat sir,

    It is not against Cinema or so-called cinestars. We should really blame "us"
    (we, the people) for giving undue importance to cinema/cine-stars. We are
    not treating cinema as an art or an entertaining medium. We have gone into
    treating cinema as religion. (Similarly, we can classify cricket in this

    My personal opinion is, if we ban cinema/cricket in India, we can do much
    more. Obviously there would be lot of harsh criticism on this; but in
    reality I feel this is need of an hour.


    ps: appaadi, oru vazhiyaa thiriya koluthi pottaachu.
  • yes it is true tamil nadu has been involved in the freedom struggle from the early days they came to india. What i wanted to point out is the pain, suffering and neglect they had during the end of their days.

    bharathi had a handful of persons for his funeral, and i could not find anywhere how Subramaniya Siva died. only a brief note that he had died of leprosy.
    i felt these persons, who had no other inner motives (unlike the current politicians) other than the freedom are neglected is unfair from our part.
  • Dear Mr Muruganantham;
    I dont want to deviate from the topic but i felt it was high time somebody
    stopped people criticising cricket for everything that happens in the
    Every country has its own passions, likes and dislikes. Cricket is much more
    than a sport, do u know why? It is the only way in which a commoner can
    become a national hero within a space of a year. I know there are politics
    involved in there (i played for Tamilnadu, so been there done that) but
    there are enough rags to riches stories in cricket. Sehwag,Dhoni were all
    commoners much like us before they played for the country.
    Name one sport/field where a lower-middle class boy can dream of becoming
    the best in the world without emptying his family fortune. Cricket is the
    only sport in India where a lower-middle class boy knows he can earn a
    living even if he doesn't make it to the top.
    Do you know what one has to spend in motorsports (car racing) to even know
    whether we are any good in that?
    There are enough real-life events in cricket to rival the commoner-to-king
    scripts of Dumas and Kalki.
    "Cricket is a religion"--A religion where the
    rich,poor,Hindu,Muslim,Maharaja(Raja of Vizianagaram),commoner,high
    caste.low caste play together as a team with the sole aim of helping India
    win. This is probably the only religion which could be benficial to India.

    So lets stop criticising cricket for the evils of our country. That sport
    does not deserve this. Whats life without passion and if that passion is
    cricket then so be it.
  • Dear Rahul,

    If you see my mail, I am not blaming cricket or cinema for all the evils. I
    am blaming only "us" that we treat this as religion beyond the actual levels
    of sports or entertainment. Yes, every country and people have their own
    passions. I believe you would appreciate the fact of differentiation between
    "being passionate" and "being fanatic"; "Being fanatic" in our country
    leads to heights of negligence of various prime duties.

    Do you know how many commoners spend their daily wages for these so-called
    cinema / cricket ?
    On top of it, betting scandals, mudslinging politics to capture huge
    revenue-earning body (ie., BCCI) are going on in this country.

    Is it really justified for the salary being drawn by superstars in cinema
    and superheroes of cricket ? Let us ponder over this and analyze in a more
    constructive way.

    I remember in one of the TV interviews, Director Cheran mentioned that he
    was ready to work like a normal employee (for a monthly salary of say
    Rs.15k) if all the other actors/technicians could settle in for similar
    salaries pertain to their potential only. Under those circumstances, cost of
    production of cinema would come down.

    It is really mind boggling to the amounts of money involved in cinema
    industry and profits (!!!) involved...
  • Dear Mr.Muruganantham;

    Do you think that by banning cricket/cinema that people would start sudying
    about VOC,Bharathiar,etc? Infact a whole generation of Indians, Tamilians
    especially got to know about these incredible people through cinema only. If
    during a discussion the name "Kattabomman" crops up we imgaine Sivaji
    Ganesan mouthin dialogues. Cinema has done a quite a lot for keeping alive
    the names of such great people.

    Why is the salary of cricketers always an issue of debate? Do we debate on
    how much a fresher from an engineering college is paid for joinging a
    software company?
    Regarding scandals of the BCCI name one body in the world which does not
    have its own share of scandals. Did you hear about the match fixing scandals
    which rocked football last month? Cricket is no way related to the evils of
    our country. FYI for every commoner spending his daily wages on cricket and
    cinema there are atleast 2 families which are making money from both in one
    way or the other. Cricket and cinema are multi-million dollar industries
    which are sources of living for thousands.

    every person has his own share of problems and cinema and cricket are 2
    mediums where he can forget them for sometime. Banning cricket/cinema would
    not turn thier attention to VOC,Bharathiar.

    Infact to turn thier to attention to such heroes we have use cinema as a
    medium. A good movie on these heroes by a director who knows how to attract
    the masses, having a lot of drama would turn the attention of the people to
    the struggles of these heroes. Cinema reaches the lowest and the highest
    segments of the society.

    "The pen maybe mightier than the sword but a camera is mightier than the
  • Dear Rahul,

    Please drop "Mr".

    Coming back to our topic, I do not mean by simply banning Cinema/cricket,
    that we should be studying more about VOC/Bharathiar.
    If we are going to treat these as only entertaining mediums, then there is
    no need for ban.

    You had indicated "Cricket and cinema are multi-million dollar industries
    which are sources of living for thousands". My humble query is HUGE (very
    huge amount) portion of PROFIT is going to creamy rich. Poor is becoming
    poorer. (Kodambakkam, Saligramam, Valasaravakkam areas-la paatheenganna
    nijam puriyum).

    BTW, software industry-oda salary pathi software seemaangalum,
    seemaattigalum karuthu therivikkavum
  • Murugan,

    Where are you working?

  • In Chennai !!!
  • hi to all
    for a detailed list of freedom fighters from tamil nadu please read
    "Sudhanthira poratathil tamilar pangu" a three volume book and i forget the
    authors name.

    also read "Sudhanthira tagam" by a two volume book which has
    a lot of real characters who participated in the freedom fighting like "
    Va.Ra" Dinamani Sivaraman, Sangu Subramaniam etc.,

    also read "B.S. Ramiah" manikodi kalam which also describes a lot of freedom
    fighters and lit legends.

    i am fortunate in way that i was able to meet one of the living freedom
    fighter I.Mayandi Bharathi in madurai who we can see him regularly in west
    masi street madurai.

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