• Hi All,

    I am an archaeology enthusiast or likes to be called by that name. I spend
    most of my free time about reading / blogging about our culture / history /
    achievements etc. I was thinking a little better about myself before getting
    to know about the exalted and not so exalted members of this group. Great
    feats. I feel humbled.

    I joined in the group about a year or two before I think. I started posting
    two or three times. I did not get a reply from anyone. Had strange doubts,
    felt some sort of negligence and so went into my shell. Did not try to post
    again but always tried to read / follow the conversations in the group.

    Well, Aadi thiruNaaL vazhthukkaL.
  • Dear Ramesh

    Pls don't have those kind of feel, keep positing, and join our meeting, trips and all.

    Come out of your shell, we have Gokul here(in India )at present, we r planning to have a meeting and a small trip , try to join, sure it will be an interesting ..
  • ramesh sir....

    doubt ae vendaam.....!!!!!
  • Ramesh,

    c, we r replying to even diwa's mail, what he knows "nothing".
    may be u r mails might got missed for our eyes, keep posting

  • "adra sakkai adra sakkai"...

    aiyayyo .. mr. easwaran thirumba group kku vandhutaaraa...

    mr. ramesh.. pls note this point of mr. shankaran....

    what his mail means is that... "u will get reply only if you
    know "nothing" '

    edhaavadhu budhdhisaali thanama ezhudhineenga nnu vainga... no reply
    to that....

    enna shankar correct aa???
  • Hi,
    Looks like I might plan to be in chennai around 5th of August, if there is a plan of trip, I would like to be part of it. Pls let me know also.
  • Anbulla Shankaran and Diwakar,

    Thank you for the encouraging comments. I'll try to share as much possible.
    I desperately wanted to be part of the group atleast for one of the
    historical trips. Epigraphy class is one I really wanted to attend.
    Bch..sandarPam amayala.

    Hopefully in future. :)
  • kavalaiye padaadheenga....

    sandharpam amayale nnu varutha padaadheenga....

    oru historical trip poittu vandheenganna podhum... adutha trip poga
    mudiyalaiye nnu varuthame pada maateenga....

    i mean.. ella vishayamum orey trip la cover panniduvaanga nnu solla

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