inscription reading course + final date time, venue for PS group meeting
  • Hi All

    Its nice to hear, we need to define the course , preferable on holidays we can plan, needless to say i am very much interested to get in to that
  • The venue for such meet is finalised.
    It will be at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School, T.
    Date - 4th June -SUNDAY - 6 pm onwards.

    point in the circle itself, this school is on your left, where one
    faces the direction towards Venkatanarayana Road (where TTD Balaji
    temple is located).

    The room will be Thiruvalluvar hall if more than 50 members are
    expected. Otherwise they would allot a smaller room, which costs
    lesser rent for a day. All members are requested to reply back and
    confirm participation by mailing SPS or chandra, to enable us fix
    the right size of the room.

    We will inform exact room no.or will make arrangements so that the
    room number would be mentioned on that day, on the black board at
    the entrance of the school.

    This rent is collected towards the charity work of the Ramakrishna
    mission and the permission was granted by the Chief himself, called
    as "secretary Swamiji'. Once the syllabus and timing modalities are
    finalized, we will approach the mutt for fixing room for regular
    classes too. This place was fixed, as it is easy to locate, than the
    school in Mylapore, for members coming from other cities.

    This place is also nearer to Mr.T.Satyamurthy, ex-Chief Archeoogist,
    ASI, who had consented to join us. Member Chandrasekaran
    (@plasticschandra) has already visited in person to invite him. The
    letter for the meting room was given in the name of A.A.S.A.I
    (Academy for Archeology and Sciences of Ancient India), which is in
    the formation stages by our moderator and chief Mr. SPS (SB) ,
    Mr.Satyamurthy, member Seshadri Gokul and others.
  • Dear SPS,

    I will be there.

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