An interesting udaiyargudi inscription
  • South Indian Inscriptions Vol 8

    No. 61.

    (A.R. No. 614 of 1920.)

    On the outer base of the south wall of the mandapa in front of the
    same shrine.

    This records an endowment of 19 veli and odd of land for feeing 56
    Brahmans in the temple, by Gangan Ambalavan Gandaradittan alias
    Mummudisola-Vilupparaiyan of Kuvalalam in Ganga Six thousand
    (territory), who belonged to the perundaram of the king, and by two
    others for the merit of the former. Of this land 12 veli is said to
    have been purchased from a certain . . . . . . . . Sarvisara
    Trinetra Dasapuriya Bhattan who had himself purchased it from Uttama-
    Chola. The record seems to belong to Rajaraja I.
  • yes, now aganin the basic requestion start

    1) who was the king ordered for it , is uttama or RR?

    its differ from Dr.Balu's reference as said by SPS mail

    what was the truth?

    who can give clear pic without any doubt?

  • We have been talking alot on this Udayarkudi inscription.

    Kudavoil Dr. Balu has reproduced these inscriptions.
    ASI has not published yet.

    I think those who are fond of Ponniyinselvan must read this
    inscription - because AMARAR KALKI very cleverly avoided mention of
    Udayarkudi @ Kaatumannarkoil - even though the THOUGH to tell this
    Story started here! - about 55 yrs back!

    anbudan / sps
  • This inscription needs to be read carefully : Notice who is buying
    the land, who is selling, from whom the seller got the land, why the
    king himself sold a land he owned.... Earlier mail copied for ease
    of reading
  • Well if you ask me this is very fishy.. looks like Uttama was covering his
    tracks right? He happens to sell it to someone, who just happens to sell it
    to this Bhattan who then just happens to endow it to feeding some Brahmins
    (who were probably the clan that Ravidasan and gang belonged to). If that is
    not a smoking gun, I wonder what is! :-)
  • Hi friends
    In ponniyin selvan uttama chola was depicted as innocent , if anyone have
    time please take a look over a book called 'udayar' by Balakumaran.It is
    like a continuation to the PS. Its true that Kalki has done a gr8 job and he
    is uncomparable with anyone,but balakumaran has written about the daily
    challenges a real king faces in his life.And also he has mentioned the
    strain the king took to build his Big Temple in Tanjore. The book is 5 parts
    and the 6thr part hasnt been publish yet.(I ve gr8 respect for kalki and im
    not comparing kalki with anyone)
  • Hi Friend

    Pls don't bring Stories , while discussing History, to discuss history we need evidence, talk on inscriptions and pls don't bring stories, we can give a big list of
    false informations given in u r referred story, if u inscrptions reference pls refer


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