Big temple Stamp
  • Dear All
    I think we have spent enough mails and messages and spams and spam control I would request all members to check and clean their computers I have and did identify the virus.

    Serious stuff now>>>>

    1. Members who chose to have a private circle of discussion are they still going to be childish and do that or are they going to share their wisdom with the rest of us

    2. Dear SPS whats happening with the registration of PSPV etc?

    3.Whats the progress on the Tamil site folks?

    Now for the most importnat one

    Since it is going to be 1000 years next year of the consegration of the Big Temple I think We should urge the Govt of India to issue a postal stamp on the magnificient structure.

    I think we should write to the President the PM the press and Media

    Personally I will get a stamp from UK and anybody keen on doing the same from the US ( In UK and US you have the option of having any picture converted as a postage stamp for a price I thing 20 pounds for 10 stamps)

    Any thoughts on this idea????

    Please give me your thoughts...

    I know you all are frustrated as much as I am with all the spams but As a moderator We do not controll or censure mails so its up to members not to send unnnecessary mails
  • Dear Sridhar Rathinam,

    I do not think the use of 'childish' is appropriate. It is comments like
    these that led people to start off an additional group. Keyword here is
    additional. Let us handle these things in a better way.

    I remember seeing a photo in The Week magazine that showed a Rs. 1,000/-
    note that was released in the 70s but banned when the govt. wanted to crack
    down on black money. The photo on the note looked like the Thanjai temple.
    The reproduction in the magazine was so faint that I could not make out.
  • Thanks Siva
    I stand corrected but the use of the word was in nicer sense as most people with children will understand Its no disrespect to age or attitute.

    at the end of the day we all are grown up adults and know where to discuss what and if they are better suited for any additional group that this forum so be it

    Coming to the Ruppee not can you scan it because it ll be great feat to see that a tamil or even a south indian monument in the national currency
  • Dear Sri,

    I had seen the magazine at a Doctor's clinic. If it was any other place, I
    would have pocketed it :-)
  • Sridhar sir

    I think your machine has got infected with this virus.

    Kindly check.

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