Welcome Message for the Big Temple
  • Dear All
    I have attached a Welcome message for our home page So that we can remove the borrowed preface from Venkatramans preface

    Can I have comments back ASAP so we can change it at the earliest
  • Dear doc,

    I'm unable to get the said document.Where can i download it ?
  • Dear Amar
    Call me Sri
  • Dear Sri:

    The copy looks apt. One small doubt was are we going to be speaking only about the architectural intricacies of the temple or is it also going to be speaking about those times..it could also be taken up as part two but that information would also throw a light on how things were during those times..well that would definitely require a lot of research..
  • Dear Raghu
    We will speak about the architecture as well as the living style of the people then

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