Kamal's interview going on in sun tv
  • Hi all

    I understand from my wife that in Sun TV Kamal's interview is going on
    in vanakkam thamizhagam right now

    Pl see.
  • Hi All,

    I watched Kamal's interview in Vanakkam Thamizagam.

    It was a good show. Kamal answered all the qns in a simple and elegant

    Good Show, Kamal...Congratulations.
  • Thanks Gokul and Suganya.

    It was surprise to me also. They told it will be telecasted sometime
    week after next week. The director said he would call me and inform
    the telecast date. But suddenly it came today morning.

    I came to know this around 7:45 am from my friend. Otherwise i would
    have informed yesterday itself.

    I couldnt watch as i dont have tv in my room. They shot bits and
    pieces. So, i dont know in which order they edited.

    Thanks for all the friends who watched and wished.
  • Congrats, Kamal!

    A pity, but I couldnt catch the show. What were the questions asked?
    :-) I'd be grateful for details.
  • Friends,

    I was also there to watch his interview but i missed some of the
    portion especially his role in connection with Japanese research. It's
    a good interview. Kamal could talk well in "pure tamil" :-)

    Kamal, u need to make those things in written format so that it will
    be useful to have quick thru of certain things including this PS

    All the Best!

    anbudan, Ramki
  • Dear Kamal,

    Good show. I happened to watch the programme only after the 8oclock
    news. That too after receiving your sms. I could watch only the last
    10 mins. Good show Kamal. We all are proud of you and the varalaaru
    team. Hope many more programmes will be aired soon.
  • Kamal

    I am sorry , i missed that, can u get me CD pls


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