Master document on
  • Hi all

    I have created a master excel as a one stop place for containing all
    information pertaining to this project.

    It is called and is in files

    It has several sheets contained.

    The first sheet structure contains all topics to be covered. I
    started writing this and was almost frightened to see the scope. I
    forcefully stopped myself so that I can upload the doc.

    Contributors sheet contains names of all contributors and what is
    their contribution going to be - proof reading, translation,
    articles - original content etc. I've not included any name except
    mine since I have not gone through all the past emails. Somebody can
    kindly collect the names of all contributors who have volunteered so
    far and put their names in.

    The excel is open to all for editing - but in order to avoid
    accidental deletions, I'd like to leave the control to the moderator.

    Suggestions for improvement are welcome
  • Dear Gokul:

    I looked all over the files section. I was not able to find this file.

    Could you chk and confirm once more please?
  • Pl check under bigtemple website folder

    > Dear Gokul:
    > I looked all over the files section. I was not able to find this
  • Thanks Gokul. Found it. In terms taking up the responsibilities we need to maintain a local copy on our machines and then upload the same after getting information etc
  • I saved the xl file tomy computer,edited and added my name and other
    details, but could not upload it. What shall I do? Send to you?
    Pls reply. Thanks
  • Dear chandra

    You have to indicate the modifications you have done by a suitable
    colour before sending it to me
  • Dear Chandra and Others

    If you want to contribute and add your name to the template email gokul so that he can add so that there ll be control,copy to me or the group so that if Gokul is busy I can amend it

    It ll save confusion of various files with many amendments
  • > Gokul, software vechu kavidhai ezhudharadhunna idhaidhaan solvaanga
    > polarukku. :-)

    Thanks ! Has been missing you in action all the while....

    Hope you have fully recovered from illness.

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