• Dear Friends,
    Need your help in identifying a temple site. While coming back from Sittanavasal
    to Trichy, not very far after turning on to main road from Sittananvasal turn,
    there was a small Chola temple which I have noted as Penagudi. However I am not
    very sure about the name so I would like to confirm this before I start on this
    Does anyone know about this temple? Is Penagudi correct name of the village? Is
    this Panangudi?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Dear Saurab,

    You have used an alphabet " g ". In Tamil both K and g are pronohonced as k.

    kudi means a village in tamil. Pana(m ) indicates palm trees.

    Penangudi sounds odd unless the prefix 'Penan or is it PeNNan as confirmed by document.

    with best wishes
  • Hi Balaji,
    Thanks a lot for this information. I found a person from Panangudi as he wrote
    something about this place on his blog. He seems to be from this place only, his
    native place is Panangudi. When I asked about this temple, he told me that he
    cannot remember such a structure there in his village.

    However I remember that when I visited there the name of the temple was
    Agastyesvara as now suggested by prof Swaminathan. I feel that it must be
    Panangudi only as many early scholars like K R Srinivasan, M K Dhaky etc have
    talked about this place. Just little bewildered that a person from that place is
    not able to identify or give some information on this. He also told me that his
    village, Panangudi, is not near to Sittanavasal.
    But it is very probable that we have many villages with same name and we have
    more than one Panangudi.
    Thanks once again.

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