Ramayanam Before Kamban 68- Thirumalpuram- Hanuma, Rama Jayanthi
  • Thirumalpuram alias Thirumalperu alias Thirmalpur.

    This place is 4 or 5 Kms from Thirumalpur Railway station in the Kancbridge
    that takes you to Thirumalpuram. There are 2 temples here. A Siva temple sung by Appar and Sambandar. There is a Vishnu temple under ASI ( Called Konar temple locally). This Vishnu temple is the subject of this week.

    The Main Moorti Vishnu, Sridevi, Budevi are damaged and portions below waist is only available.

    Period Parantaga 1.

    Damal Kottam - Valla nadu - Govindapadi
    -Nindrarulina Perumanadigal.

    1. Donations by the queens of Parantaga 1 - Pallavan Madeviyar, Ammani Madeviyar.

    2. Donation by Parthivendra Varaman's Saradi - Kannan

    3. A donation by a Virata King Anaiyaman alias Paramandaladitya, during Parthivendran's period

    4. Donation by Utham's wife Panchavan Madeviyar

    5. In RRC period a donation to Kamsari ( Krishna)

    6.In RRC period one Kulakkadaiyan Arulnilai Srikrishnan alias Muvenda Pidavur velar gifeted gold for singing a Thiruppadiyam begininng with Kolamarkulal composed by his father in praise of the Govindapadi Alwar.

    and many more.

    There are 2 importatnt inscriptions in the temple

    1. No. 335
    (A. R. No. 335 of 1906)
    North Arcot District, Walajapet Taluk, Tirumalpuram.
    Ruined Vishnu Temple --- On The Same Wall.
    Rajaraja I --- 11th Year (A.D. 995-96) This
    records a gift of 96 sheep by one Mayiletti Venkadan of Pattam in
    Avur-kurram in Solanadu for burning a perpetual lamp before the image of
    Anumadeva (Hanuman) set up by him. The donor is also stated to have
    endowed 10 kalanju of gold left in charge of the Urar of Velkala
    Venpakkam to provide for the daily offerings to the same deity with 2
    nali of rice.
    This is the first epigraph stating the installation of Hanuman for worship.A. R. No. 334 of 1906)
    North Arcot District, Walajapet Taluk, Tirumalpuram.
    Ruined Vishnu Temple --- On The Same Wall.
    Rajadhiraja (I) --- 30th Year (A.D.1047-48)
    records an agreement given by the servants of the temple of
    Perumanadigal at Govindapadi (here stated to be situated in Purisai –
    nadu not Valla – nadu), a division of manaiyir – kottam in
    Jayangondasolamandalam, undertaking to meet the expenses of special
    offerings and worship on the day of Punarvasu in Chittirai month every
    year, with the interest on 30 kasu, which had been, invested with them by a lady by name Parvati-sani the wife of Pirandur Nagadona Kramavittan of Avipakkam alial Solasikhamani-chaturvedimangalam in Kalattur-kottam. -

    This Birth Star of Rama is Punarvasu ( Poonarpoosam ) in the month of Chithirai. Though all across India Rama's birthday is celebrated as Srirama on Navami thithi in the Month of Chaitra in Lunar Calender now ( In Solar Calender - It may fall on Panguni also) - In Chola period it seems that it was celebrated on the Star of Rama in the month of Chithirai.

    This temple has miniatures of Ramayana and Krishna Leela.

    1. Rama, Sugreeva and Hanuman

    2. Rama and Lakshmana

    3. Sita in Ashokavana and a rakshasi guarding her with a long trident. To show that the trident is long, the artist had extended it outside the frame.

    4. There are Many Krishna Lila - Killing various demons, Stealing Butter and Yasoda tieing him in a Ural

    5. There is one more showing Krishna dancing with Pots. This dance is called
    " Kudakkoothu". Silapdikaram mentions that Krishna danced this to liberate Anirudha in the city of Banasura.

    வாணன் பேரூர்
    மறுகிடை நடந்து

    நீள்நிலம் அளந்தோன் ஆடிய குடமும்,

    I have posted a few images of the temple and there will be a detailed treat from a Master soon.
  • There is a ruined Pallava brick temple on the way to Thirumalpuram from the station ( to your right) . One more bigger ruined brick vishnu temple in Pullalur. ForPullalur go further 3 kms on the Kanchi - Arakkonam road and then take a right turn and proceed another3 Kms.

    Pullalur has a very big ruined Pallava brick structure- Veppathur type.
    Pullalur will come in Ramayana after 3 weeks.
  • Dear Sankar,
    It is really a wonderful job. Anumadheva News is a treat.
    Well done and keep it up.
  • Thank you sir,

    Lot of people have done works on Ramayanam. I am compiling them all and visiting places to add more info / images. Hanuma deva has already been mentioned by atleast 2 people in their articles.

    But while checking the inscriptions, i stumbled upon the Rama's birthday. I have so far not seen any one mentioning it.

    An article by Mr Jatayu in Mayyam is another interesting article. He gives some more news of Ramayanam in Manimekalai.

    There is another interesting news of Ramayana mention in Silapadhikaram in Mu. Raghava Iyengar's work.

    I will write on these once soon.

    Next week i will be taking up Sita Kalyanam.
  • Long back, I had uploaded a chola bronze image of Hanumadevar as the cover pic of varalaaru.com issue. But I am not sure where it came from.

    Also I hope you know about the Paruthiyur Rama. It is the ultimate.
  • Paruthiyur Ramar is supposed ti be one of the oldest. He has a beautiful story

    I will post him after sometime

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