were -there -any-vasihnavaite kings?
  • Searching Ramayanam in Tirunelveli district epigraphs. Read about Cholan Thalai Konda veera pandiyan. while searching, found one of our earlier discussions on - any vaishnava king?


    Yes - there were vaishnava kings. Pandya Parantaga Nedunchadayan declares himself as a Vaishnava. ( He had also given grants to many siva temples. Kumbhakonam Nageswaran ( our Ramayana temple) is one such siva temple. Tirupptahur siva temple also recieved a grant)

    He claims to have constructed a big Vishnu temple in Kanchi. Intrestingly the word Chadayan ( Jadila) means lord Siva.

    1.1. பராந்தக நெடுஞ்சடையன் (768-815)

    2. சீவரமங்கலச் செப்பேட்டுப் பகுதி

    அன்ன னாகிய அலர்கதிர் நெடுவேற்

    றென்னன் வானவன் செம்பியன் வடவரை

    யிருங்கய லாணை ஒருங்குட னடாஅய்

    ஒலிகெழு முந்நீ ருலகமுழு தளிக்கும்

    வலிகெழு திணிதோண் மன்னவர் பெருமான்.....
    .......காஞ்சிவாய்ப்பே ரூர்புக்குத்

    திருமாலுக் கமர்ந்துறையக் குன்றமன்னதோர் கோயிலாக்கியும்..
    ...............பாண்டிய நாதன் பண்டித வத்சலன்

    வீர புரோகன் விக்ரம பாரகன்

    பராந்தகன் பரம வைஷ்ணவன் றானாகி

    நின்றிலங்கும் மணிநீண்முடி நிலமன்னவனெடுஞ் சடையற்கு 45
    ராஜ்யவர்ஷம் பதினேழாவது பாற்பட்டு செல்லாநிற்க

  • Shankar

    Thaazhsadaiyum - niilmudiyum : This was Peyaazhwar's Song on Thiruvenkatavan
    Thaazhsadayan is Shivan
    NiiN Mudi is Thirumaal
    Nedunjadai = NeeNmudi = Thirumal.

    But this inscription is interesting.
  • Pallava Nandhivarman-II was a staunch vaishnavite king & seems to have been in good acquaintance with Saint Thirumangaiazhvar

    In one of his copperplates (Kasakkudi I believe) he says he worships no other god but Mukunda.
  • Dear Gokul
    Pallava Nandi was Thirumangaiazhvar's direct disciple. He mentions about
    Nandi in many of his pasurams. I think you knew about Azhvar's four assistants.
    It is said that one of themstayed with Nandi after Azhvar.
  • Similarly - can we have any clear date of Kulasekara Azhwar and the relationship of that family with Cholas?
  • It is difficult to contemplate Sri Kulasekhara azhvar on historical grounds. Other than his own pasurams we do not have any other historical records - except that chera kings called themselves "Kulasekhara vamsam".

    King rajasekhara who issued vazhappalli copper plates is the first king who comes to light based on inscriptions.

    Our member Mr Srihari has written an excellent posting on Chera-Chola relationships.

    Mr. Viswaksenan: Thanks for the detail!
  • there is a kulasekara azhwar temple(?samadhi) in thiruvanchikulam in kerala. is it not a historical documentation or evidence?
  • Kulasekara azhwar smadhi -in vasihnava tradition calledThiruvarasu - is in Mannarkad, on the way to Ambasamudram from Tirunelveli.
  • Kulasekhara Azhvar is believed to have been laid to rest at Mannargudi if I remember correct. There is a record of a late chera king providing some nivandhams to this temple during rajendra period. I always wondered why a chera king should come here - but later on learnt that this could have been due to the Kulasekhara association.

    The Thiruvanchikulam & even in sri rangam we have separate shrines of Kulasekhara. These are not the final resting places.

    The existence of Sri Kulasekhara perumal is not being disputed. His period & historically placing him among the perumal kings of kerala - tracing his ancestry - is what I mean by 'historically locating' the king. This is certainly not possible at the moment.

    Going by his own words, he actually won over cholas and pandiyas. And yet he declared (Thirumalai Pasuram)...
    "... I do not need the riches of heavens..
    I just wish to be a small fish in the koneri pond of thirumala!"

    IN all vaishnavite temples, the steps right in front of god's sanctorum is called "Kulasekhara Padi" because it was he who sang..

    "... padiyai kidandhu un pavala vai kanbene.!"
  • Correction: Mannarkad not Mannargudi. Thanks to Shakar
  • during my visit to Thiruvaleesvaram - i passed through - grand " RENOVATION" - chera epigraph? poye pochu, poyinde - its gone

    Manimangalam - extensive epigraphs of Rajendra's sons and the koppam war. Ceylon war.

    All lost for ever.
  • Kulasekhara Azhwar's  Avathara sthalam is " Thiruvithuvakodu " in Kerala not far from Guruvayoor.

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