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  • Please read as - instead of skanda - vinayaga is present. error regretted.
  • Dear SN,

    This was just prior to rendering Soundarya Lahari by Adhi Sankara.

    The Story goes like that. Soundarya Lahari was composed by Shiva Himself. Knowing through thabhas, Sankara travelled to Kailasa in sukshuma roopa, to Kailaya and requested Lord to bless the slokas to the world through him. Lord has agreed and asked him to take his body form to take slokas.. story goes thus:

    This purana story was very familiar in Andhra dhesa and poets of Krishnadhevaraya sung in Telugu through Kalahasthi sathakam (Poet Dhoorjaya) and Bhimeshwara sathakam, both mentioned this incident of Adhi Sankara. Dhoorjaya was one among ASHTATHIGGAJA's.

    The period might be Nayak Kings. These kings encouraged Telugu everywhere in South India. Our Vijay handled various puranic story panels in various temples in P in stone of Naik period.

    But this type of rare scenes, i.e. Adhi Sankara worshipping at Kailaya, really interesting one. Thank God, it has caught your eyes.

    In the same story, when Adhi Sankara came out of Kailaya with his bodyly form, Nandhi stopped him and not allowing Sankara to go further and objected him of taking with him the highly valued Soundarya Lahari. That was another interesting incident as Nandhi and Sankara fights each other to catch-hold the slokas. In the meddle, the first 43 slokas have fallen down and knowing the high potential of slokas Nandhi, who diverted himself from fighting and started collecting slokas in palm leaves. In the meanwhile Sankara escaped and came to the earth.

    See, the 44th sloka only Sankara mentioned that the name of the Soundarya Lahari as first revealed. Later by the grace of Lord, he himself rendered the first 43 as exactly how Lord rendered earlier and it was also acknowledged by Lord when He appeared before him.

    Any panel regarding this if you come across please inform.


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