• Dear All,Vanakkam,
    Recd this mail from a group, interesting,! Does anybody knows or visited this place?
    Awaiting more details from you!

    Namo Narayanaya!!!

    Date: Monday, 1 March, 2010, 1:17 PM


    It is an interesting place. For the one who has archeological interest within, it is a treasure island. It is situated approximately 60 Kms from Vellore. Me and two friends visited the place in search of something. My friend told me that there is a small hill called "Natchathra Kundru" where Siddhar Boghar has placed a "Vel" and worshipped it. I had an inclination to see the place. We started our journey in the afternoon and reached the place.

    A brief info about the place. The entire village is under the control of "Archeological Department" at present. No one is allowed to dig any land other than for cultivation. If one want to construct a house, at the time of digging for basement, the officials from the department will supervise and the work may be done. They have put all the conditions for digging and for construction. Reason – wherever one digs, one can excavate a temple, idol or cave consisting archeological facts/interests. Even people have dug out golden idols. No one can buy a cent of land since there are no sellers. Yes! No one want to sell any property. Because of the restrictions, not much houses have been constructed and most of the land is used for agriculture.

    It is heard that Padavedu was a temple city and power center. Jains and Buddists subsequently occupied the place and Hindus were forced to keep the temples, idols etc in a safe place. There are several small mounts/hills with temples and caves. Later, some day in the pages of history, the entire village was submerged under sand and was deserted. When subsequently people started to settle down in that place, they found that several temples are there beneath the ground. If one finds a temple/idol/ cave in their land, it is immediately reported to the Govt and they excavate and dug out the findings. So wherever, you turn, you will hit on a temple. Just like houses, you can see temples, parading one after another. No deity is left. There is temple for every god. Unusually interesting situation.

    When we reached that place, it was around 5 PM. We started to climb the Natchathira Kundru (Nk). The pathway is not properly laid down. Hence, it gave a feel of climbing Konathalavasal at sathuragiri. The hill contains a lot of medicinal plants. No water source could be seen. We were hungry and thirsty. In climbing the hill, we forgot to carry water. After climbing for aroed me a big lingam placed on top of another mountain, which was clearly visible. Yes! I was longing to see a lingam in that environment for a long time. No trees, no bushes and a lingam facing sky on top of the hill. It was amazing. If we had climbed that hill, we could have felt an excellent feeling. Hmm. I lost the chance. I was lucky to the extent that I took the camera. Yes! Took several snaps from a distance. We entered the top of the mount Nk.

    The feel was enormous. A small temple welcomed us. But it was closed. There was no poojari. We could peek thro the door and found a "Vel" (made of stone) at the center of the sanctum. The main sanctum is a cave. The inner sanctum hardly had a space of 4 ft height. The stillness of the place drenched us all and all three of us stood silent. There was no thought, no action nor movement in us. We felt as if the world stood still. On coming out of the same, I thought, this is what I wanted to feel for a long time.

    We climbed further to find some more huge rocks and sat on top of them and relaxed. The wind was blowing softly and within two minutes all of us felt a difference. When I told my friends, they all got surprised. Yes, the hunger and thirst which we all had vanished. We found a medium sized cave and sat inside for some time and enjoyed the vibes.

    A discussion started on the usual lines and ended as a great satsangam. It was a memorable trip.


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  • sir

    very interesting article indeed.

    padavedu is famous for the renuka devi(mother of parasuramar) shrine..

    i dont know if both the padavedu's are the same

    why not ?


  • sir

    vishnu is the greatest purushan sir - nobody can avoid/overlook him....

    anyways what happenned to your venkatachalapathy discourse sir...????
  • is there any Parasurama temple in TN .( other than the two dasavatara temples in srirangam and tirunelveli.)

    Any article of our members on Gudimallam - Parsurameswara temple?
  • lot of temples reorganised to the "god's own country", which was created by parasurama himself...

  • Dear Dhiwakarb,
    If it's not too much trouble,
    could you post your photos from Padavedu?

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