Sri Halahasti
  • Dear members,

    Halahasti is one of the important Sivan temple in Andra Pradesh. While seeing the temple it has many Tamil culture.Our Appar, Manikkavasar, Sundarar was also there.

    I hope this temple belongs to Tamil nadu. On its structure it is seen that it seems to belongs to Pallava period.

    I want to know answers to the following questions.

    Who constructed this great temple

    Who renovated it?

    Why poojas not made in Tamil?

    When constructed?

    Why history of the temple is buried ?

    While re organization takes place,  why this area and temple not allotted to tamil nadu?

    What Ma.Po. Si has done ? or why he kept silence in this regard?

    Members without hurting others may kindly response.
  • Hi All,
    We went on a trip to Tirupathi fromBangalore. That time we were taken to some 4 temples in and around Tirupathi. One of them was Kalahasthi. I think you were talking about the same. When we went there, the guide explained us that the temple was built by RRC and one moreLakshmitemple was also built by him. I dont know how far its true. But the temple architecture will resemble with the tamilnadu architecture.
    I am really sorry if i am misleading
  • Dear laxmanan kailasam sir,

    while i may not have answer to all your questions, regarding tamil worship , it is definitely taking place...

    there are "odhuvars" for the temple, and lot of sivachariyars in the temple are also tamizh people..

    There is a poojai being performed in the temple around 6 pm and there is devaram recital done during this poojai..i had attended the poojai couple of time and once during the poojai, the "odhuvar" took us for a special darshan ....

    so, i can safely say that devaram recital happens in the temple.. and the murugan is called sengalvarayan and can see the kumarasthavam being engraved on the wall of the shrine....

    also lot of sign boards also have tamil in them along with Telugu...

    you can speak tamil there very freely being a border town.

    reg , why not allotted to tamil nadu , what ma po si had done and other stuff, i think we are moving more towards politics....
  • Sir,
    Where pallavas tamil?
    What is this fixation with tamil?
    was not thigaraja from thiruvaroor and has a samadhi in thiruvayaru?

    If pallavas were not tamil will we let go malli to AP
    We are getting unnecessarily restrictive.
    Yaadum oore yavarum keeler
  • It is Kaila Agastya..corrupted to Kalahasti. Kailasanatha.
    The temple, dedicated to the Sun, was built by the Pallavas.
    The sun was worshipped in the form of a flame.... the atash.
    That is why the sanctum is down under.
    R. Narasimhan
  • Tamilnadu state - after independence was larger in extent.

    Subsequently certain contours were redifined by some give & take proposals with neighbouring states.

    Certain individuals did shed their life in the process .. remembered as Martyrs ...

    these details are there avl in web - re official sites of each State and their formations etc.

    no need to discuss this here further.

  • Dear,
    Apart from reorganization the primary questions are

    Who constructed this great temple?

    Who renovated it?

    When constructed?

    Why history of the temple is buried ?

    It is only curiosity to know the history and if approved by the moderators, these history may be discussed.
  • sirs

    as far as i know it is "sri kala hasti" meaning "lakshmi, spider and elephant".. the sthalam where the three worshipped shiva during various times.. hence the name sri kalahasti...

    secondly, of the panchabhootha sthalams it is vayu sthalam(air element).. if one can observe, we can see the "vilakku(light)" fluttering due to movement of air inside the sanctum..

    also it is said that like "Aavudaiyar koil" where there is no lingam, kalahasti also does not have any lingam as the god represents air form which cannot be seen .. the lingam that we see today was installed lter....

    kala agastya and sun worship is very new to most of us i suppose...can u please elaborate

    also please explain as to what do you mean by "the sanctum is down under"...
  • Friends

    Last week had the oppertunity to have the darshan at rudrabishegam there.

    The kavacham was removed and the abishegam is sone for avudayar.

    The lingam portion contains the two tusks of an elephant and a portion in the middle which looks like a spider. This part has turened like a lingam in black colour due to the spl paste applied on it. Thisshows the merjing of the kalam and hasthi who worshipped the lord there.

    for that portion a spl paste made of camphor ( pachai karpuram) and thailam applied.

    The lamp near the lingam is fluctuating indicating the continuous presence of air circulation inside the sanctum and that represents the vayu moortham of the lord. ( like the continuous flow of water in thiruvanaikka)

    The lingam worshipped by kannappar was different one , which is on the top of the hill.

    request members to give more details on this.
  • The main deity is Kailai Agateeswarar corrupted to Kala Agatheeswaran
    This should answer your doubt.
    R. Narasimhan
  • explanation similar to yours is possible sir.. but iam convinced of explanation of sri kala hasti as worship of lakshmi, spider and elephant.....

    if possible request you to kindly show some supporting for your explanation sir..

    please throw light on sun worship and what do you mean by temple is down under....

    both the above have not been clarified....

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