My first mail ..(off topic)
  • My greetings to all..
    I'm really proud to be in this group...

    i started reading PS accidently...and admired by
    Kalki's narration...I searched for more info abt PS
    and found this group...

    when i enter this group i stunned by the way you are
    analyzing PS.....though i read PS more than 5 times
    i'm not upto the mark :) .... so i'm being a silent
    spectator for the past 6 months..But i read all ur

    "Mudhal yathirai" made me to come out of silent
    zone...It was an excellent idea and well executed ..
    The narration about the trip tempting me to be a part
    of second trip....

    The scanned drawings of PS are quite nice..In my book
    i'm not having the really helps a lot to
    visualize the scenes...

    The new "Ponniyen selvan " kavithay vadivam is a good
    idea...and Iyappan's kavithaygal are simple and

    My sincere wishes to the entire team to achive more

    A special thanks to initiatives of this group...

    Thanks for your time,

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