PS - Facts and fiction #2 (Vandhiyathevan)
  • Probably Kalki based his ideas on the fact that he was a king of
    region around Vallam and this was ruled by Vanars earlier. It is
    quite possible that Vandhiyathevan was one of the small regional
    leader who accepted chola suprimacy and had close links with them
    like many other regional leaders of his time.

    One interesting thing to note is that - in chola dynasty since Aditya
    chola - it has been a trend to strengthen their ties through marital
    alliances. Right from Aditya, Parantha and Sundara we see kings
    marrying many daughters - sometimes from potential would-be enemy
    empires and forge solid relationship with them. And in case of
    VDevan , we see that he married Kundavai - perhaps the most powerful
    princess of her times. It's worthwhile to ponder whether this had any
    gains to chola empire. In this light, it makes sense to view VDevan
    as a east chalukyan price - because - later, we see Rajaraja forging
    very strong relationship with them by giving his daughter to
    Vimaladitya - who is of chalukyan origin. (This resulted in a
    completely different set of chola-chalukya clan - from the time of
    Kulothungan I). It is evident that Rajaraja would not have
    experimented this marriage unless he had a strong faith in their
    relationship. This could have been due to VDevan.

    But things that contradict this idea are that VDevan never went to
    Chalukyan kingdom - he peacefully reigned few regions under Rajaraja
    and was one of the leading generals of the army. Thus, we see that
    the arguement lacks enough strength to be accepted as a fact.

    So much about VDevan's origins !!

    So, who this guy was - we might not know - but we do know something
    about WHAT HE DID.

    So, what did he do ?

    (...To be continued:-)

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