Descendent of the Great Chola Dynasty :: Kulotunga I
  • hi sir

    thanks - some questions again

    1) who is the crown prince - first born male son of the king or son
    of the pattmahishi.

    2) we see that this was not strictly followed for cholas, but how
    about others.

    3) is it mandatory that the king should take a pattamahishi to be
    crowned ( as kalki writes in SS - when mamalla is being convinced by

    4) any tent dates for crowning of vimaladityan and if so was kundavi
    his pattamahishi.

    5) was raja raja narendra the crown prince.

    6) who was vijayaditha's mother and from which clan. ( i think in
    mannan magal she is shown as the daugther of jayasimhan!!!)

    7) if raja raja narendra rules from 1018 onwards, then ammanga devi
    could not be his pattamahishi - as the ganges campaign was only in
    1019 - return to GKC 1022 and tent marriage during that period.
  • the first chola ambasador reaches china in 1015 - how long could
    they have taken to travel from tanjore to china?? given that RJC was
    crowned in 1014 - he must have immdly despatched them out...

    1018 - Rajadhiraja appointed co regent and same year is the lanka
    campaign - rjc bringing back the pandya haram from lanka is
    inscribed in big temple in 1020. so it took two years to search and
    get it back.

    1019 - 1021 - western chalukyan campaign starts and extends as the
    ganges campaign

    what is the date for the RJC kadaram campaign.

    when was GKC temple completed ??

    Kulothunga Chola 1 is partly eastern Chalukya also known as Vengi

    The first ruler of the Vengi Chalukya dynasty is Kubja Vishnuvardana
    (624 AD to 641AD)

    The 23rd ruler of this dynasty was Vimaladitya (1011 AD to 1018AD)

    This Vimaladitya married Kundavai who was the daughter of our great
    Raja Raja Chola and the sister of King Rajendra Chola 1.

    Vimaladitya's son was Raja Raja Narendra.So for Raja Raja Narendra
    His thaatha -Raja Raja Chola
    His Amma -Kundavai
    His Thaai Maaman -Rajendra Chola 1

    With the help of his maternal uncle Rajendra Chola 1, Raja Raja
    Narendra(1018 AD to 1061AD) became the 24 th ruler of the Vengi (or
    Eastern) Chalukya Dynasty.

    This Raja Raja Narendra married Ammangai (his maama Ponnu) daughter
    of Rajendra Chola 1.

    The son of Raja Raja Narendra was Rajendra Chalukya (Kulothunga Chola
    1). Rajendra Chalukya spent much of his day in his maama veedu(Gangai
    Konda Cholapuram)

    Rajendra Chlaukya(Kulothunga 1) married Madurantaki Devi the daughter
    of Rajendra Chola 2 (1054AD to 1063AD)

    Rajendra Chola 2 had a brother -Virarajendra Chola and a son Raja
    Raja Mahendra died earlier before Rajendra Chola 2.

    Vira Rajendra Chola was crowned as the Chola king in GangaiKonda

    After the death of Vira Rajendra Chola his son Adhirajendra Chola was
    assasinated in 1070AD.

    With the assasination of Adhirajendra Chola there were no successors
    from this Chola line.So Rajendra Chalukya ascended the Chola throne
    as Kulothunga Chola 1.

    Kulothunga Chola 1 also witnessed the end of the eastern Chalukya
    dynasty.The last ruler of vengi Chaukya dynasty was Vijayaditya 7
    (stepbrother of Kulothunga Chola's father RajaRaja Narendra).

    With the death of Vijayaditya 7 in 1075 AD the eastern Chalukya
    dynasty came to an end and vengi became a part of the
    Chola empire.
  • The Imperial Chola Dynasty Hierarchy is formatted in Tree and
    available for view here. You need to have Adobe Flash installed to
    view it.

    More details will be added (Queens, etc.,) later. Please correct me if
    there is any mistake in the tree.
  • Very Nice.Thanks.

    And also,each king have different.For Ex for RRC, the other name is ArulMozhi,etc., and also pattam name like for RJC,kadaram kondaan,Gangai kondaan like that
    So, pls can u please provide the other names of all kings?
    Actually im searching for this things.
  • When I add lot of details, Queens, for eg., the tree becomes very big
    and difficult view it, and SPS wanted to verify the details before
    publishing. I took the list of kings SPS posted and Wikipedia as a
    reference to come up with the list. Will update the tree as and when I
    find more details and keep the group posted.
  • Thanks.

    Please provide more details like King, Father, year, so it will be
    easy for me to insert. I am yet to get a hold of the whole dynasty, so
    it might take some time for me to do research and update it if you
    just the name.

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