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Only 2 Parts have been translated so far, others are in progress

These files are prepared by volunteers through Project Madurai.

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  • எனக்கு பொன்னியேன் செல்வன் ஆடியோ வகை 57 க்கு அப்புறம் இருக்கும் அணைத்து பாகங்களும் வேண்டும் அதற்க்கு நான் ஏந்த வெப் சைடு ல் தெதுவது தயவு குர்ந்து தரும்படி வேண்டுகுரன் எப்படேகு கார்த்திக்

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          Kidaithatha Audio Book,,, If it is not available yet i am planning to make an audio book,,

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    Is The Book Provided here the Abridged or unabridged Version? Thanks in Advance

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      As far as I know, as it was printed in the Kalki magazine.

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      yes, please visit this link and you can also check this link for more details about the book

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    vanakkam please check for details on Amarar Kalki’s audio books by Sri – Ponniyin Selvan, Parthiban Kanavu, Sivagamiyin Sabatham – pls do provide your feedback – mikka nandri

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    i want Sirpa saastra book Cany anybody hlp me to find out?

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    I have read a novel named Sangathara written by Thiru Narasimhan. With many supporting data, the author revealed that Rajarajan was the son of Kundavai and Aaditya Karikalan was killed by Kundavai to save her son. How far it is true. can some elite person clarify

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      aadithya karikalan was killed before the marriage of kundavai,so this is false one

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    Is it possible to get a collection of Cover page art && Inner page sketches by Maniam?
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    In PART 5 many chapters are missing lots of paragraphs please fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Believe in the mid 90s in tirchi all India radio a female rj/drama artist read this book, any idea what’s her name and whether we can get her audio books? Some how her presentation is so captivating I remember siting at the radio every Thursday at 9.20 to listen to this story,my love for tamil literature grew here…

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    I have read 4th and 5th part from your links, but I found that some of the Chapters is not properly finished.
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    If you want to read an abridged easy to read retelling (or perhaps gift to your children), go to

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