பொன்னியின் செல்வன்

  • gopi


  • SathishKumar R

    Good work

  • Swaminathan

    Very well story

  • Swami

    wounderfull story

  • Ramaraj Palaniyappan

    superb historical story of kalki!!!!

  • Very nice historical story………

  • Lakshmi

    very fantastic novel


  • Hari

    Fantastic work…..its falls in every category…history,romance,comedy, espionage, drama etc….one of must read books

  • muthu.mk

    ponniyin selvan reading

  • harshi

    fantastic work by kalki

  • Thulasinathan

    I have became crazy on this book.could not stop me from reading this story continuously. Within a week i have finished 1000 pages and going on…. I believe in 4 days i will finish all. Due to this i could not do any other activity. I LOVE IT

  • Vinoth Sivanandam

    I was read this novel within 15 days.Superb and can any one tell me like this novel

    • sheebha

      sivagamein sabhatham

  • Gopi Pandurengan

    I can’t stop reading it…its taking most of my time now…I have gone crazy to read it before I go to bed and sometimes as I woke up from the bed…Kalki’s stype of writing is awesome…I have this installed in my laptop, cell phone and have 5 volumes of book as well. Thanks to my Father in law who introduced me to this book :)…

  • Gopi Pandurengan

    Vinoth – You can try reading Sandilyan novels…His books are of same joner and his writing style is very good…His books are more of historic and adventures…often set in the times of the Chola, Pandiya empires….You can try Kadal Pura, Yavana Rani…. these 2 are so good among all of his works

  • Jim Hawkinson

    hi. this is my 5th time im reading this book. sometimes i feel im related to this novel in some way. this is what the writings of kalki is. hats off to him.

    • Praveen Raj Valour

      did how many times poogodi saved vanthiyadevan ???

      • R.Sakthivel

        Not Poogodi, Poonkuzhali


    A great disappointment. Its not the story of The Great Arul mozhi Thevar. Its Vanthiyath Thevar, vallaththarasar. Any how , its a fantastic novel and more informative about the Cholas and The Royal heritage of Ponni vala nadu .

  • சக்திவேல்

    Excellent story.. Actually I don’t have an interest to read these kind of historic words.. But accidently(while reading LOTR stories) I have started to read this. Just within 3 days I have completed this full stories. fantastic script.. Hats off to everyone who all are behind to prepare this book.. Pls suggest me this kind of any other books.

    • arunprasad n

      Read Sivagamiyin Sapatham – but let me tell you after reading Ponniyin Selvan you will never like anyother historical novel including Kalk’s SS and Parthiban Kanavu.

      • Sakthi vel

        Ya.. Gone thru SS n PK both and also Kalvanin Kadhali (KK).. As u said correctly, thr s no novel to match wit d epic PS..

    • Indhu

      U just read sandilyan book. He wrote many novel. Kalki only make him to write historical novel..

      Ponniyin selvan continivity is written by another one. i dont know the book name exactly. U can see all the character except azhvarkadiyan..

      And one more book is ” udaiyar”. It says about rajarajan

      • சக்திவேல்

        Thanks for the suggestion. Started to read ‘Kadal Pura’..

  • Sabareesh Arvind

    i’m studying 11th.i read this when i was studying 8th.it is a fantastic novel.again i have read it another time.it feels like reading first time

  • Vengatesan Mallapalli S

    I’m reading this for first time. what a great Noval, Just I’m seeing the Places and natural scenes like a cinema. An we can very well understand the livings on those days. Very Nice.

  • Muthukrishnan

    I read Ponniyin Selvan first time when I was about 12 years old. I read it week by week as the magazine Kalki was published. It took probably 2 to 3 years. Kalki was a family read. My father, mother 2 sisters and myself. I was sent to town to buy the issues. I would stop half way finish reading that weeks chapter before coming home because my father would be at the door step to pluck the book out of my hand. Each and every character was deeply embedded in my subconscious mind.
    I have just finished reading this immortal epic on line. my age is now 75. The characters are as alive as they were when I was young. The only thing I missed online was Maniyam’s picturisation but I could visualise each of his pictures as I read the book,

    God what a book and what a story.

    Krish from Canada.

  • R.Sakthivel

    I am yesterday complete part 4. Innoolai patri vivarikka vaarthaikale illai.

  • sai

    now i am started in reading this great book because i am very fond of kalki’s imaginable stories and views

  • Natia

    I’m a gr8 fan of Ponniyin Selvan.. I was about 9 or 10 years old when my mom gave me this book to read as I was disturbing her (hehehehe) I was not good at reading tamil but this book was so awesome I cud hardly leave it down for that reason…. It is pure mark of how addicted I’m to this book that my husband got the entire set for me as a gift 🙂 I love the book it wud be gr8 if they can make a movie or serial out of it instead of wasting so much of resources in mahabaratham day in and day out 🙁

  • dhanasekaran

    What a novel it is!!! What a writer kalki is!!! I like Nandhini Devi character very much in this novel.

  • நீலாவதி

    பொன்னியின் செல்வன் நாடகத்தை முன்வைத்து பொன்னியின் செல்வன் கதையைப் பற்றி விமர்சகர் அரிஅரவேலன் எழுதியிருக்கும் கட்டுரையைப் படிக்க தங்களை அழைக்கிறேன்.


  • Sai

    Hi i have a doubt. Is there anything after the 91 athiyayam because we could not nandini after that anywhere else and my granny told while nandini dying she will say birth’s truth to arul mozhivarmar but it is not mentioned here and what about kundhavai and vandiyathevan marriage.if anyone know the answer for my questions please reply and enjoy reading the story it is a wonderful experience.

  • Samudhiram Dhirabha

    Na paducha muthal puthinam ethu than… paducha udane na ennaiye marantha….. en munnadi vallavarayan, kunthavai, nanthini, arulmozli than vanthu ponanga… i like nanthini character…. misss u vanthiyadhevan…. love u kunthavi….. i love u ponniyin selvan….. na entha storyah 7, 8 murai paduchuda ana marupadium padikanum apdinnu thonuthu…. miss my ponniyin selvan

  • gcmouli

    Please read an Abridged Easy to use Retelling of this amazing Epic here -> http://www.gcmouli.com/ps It is a long term project that I am working on. They are mini books sold on Amazon kindle store.

  • முரளிதீர தொண்டைமான்

    பொன்னியின் செல்வன் எனும் சோழர் வரலாற்றும் புதினத்தை யாரேனும் வண்ணப்படமாக எடுக்க முன்வந்தால் அருமை. பாகுபலியைவிட‌ பெரும் வெற்றி பெறும் என்பதில் ஐயமில்லை.

  • Mira N

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  • Murali

    who is the father and mother of the little boy who is throned at Pallipadai at Thirupurambiyam??

  • Indhu

    This book is very special.

  • Indhu

    I m always intrestd to read epic book. And i read many books from my childwood..
    But this is very special. last month i started to read. With in 4 days i complete.. didt slept at night. Now i started to search those place and interested to know more about those character from my father.

    My father told many time about ponniyin selvan.but i wasted 18 year. I m worried for dat.

    Now i feel that everyone should read and shold know about cholas..

  • Ashok S

    Awesome historical story… I like Vanthiyadevan character… Congratulations and Thank you to Mr.Kalki… What a writer you are?!

  • Radha Murali

    Project Madurai பதிப்பித்துள்ள பொன்னியின் செல்வன் புத்தகத்தில் நிறைய எழுத்துப் பிழைகளும் வாக்கியப் பிழைகளும் உள்ளன. சரியான முறையின் proof பார்க்கப்படவில்லை. சில chapters முடிவு இல்லாமல் உள்ளது. தயவு செய்து திருத்தவும்.

  • meena