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Tamil Brahmi Script – Part 3

Origin of the Northern Brahmi

In chapter XV.1.53 of Geographica, Strabo quotes the testimony of Megasthenes on the absence of writing in India, as observed by him during his stay in Pataliputra during the days of Sandrocottus ( Chandragupta Maurya ):

Tamil Brahmi Script Part – 2 Early writing and Evolution

Human Prehistory

If we were to ask, a geologist would say that we are living in the Quaternary period of the Cenozoic era. This period started at the trail of the Pliocene epoch. The Pliocene epoch gave way to the Pleistocene epoch. It is the Holocene epoch, we are currently living. Some scientists are suggesting an Anthropocene epoch beginning at the 19th Century AD to mark the period in which the human activity began to make significant impact on the climate and eco-system.

Tamil Brahmi Script Part – 1 History of Writing

The opening verse of the holy Kural puts across a thought to think: “As all scripts have the letter ‘A’ for their first, so do the world has the eternal primordial god for its first.”

A, as its first of letters, every speech maintains;
The “Primal Deity” is first through all the world’s domains. ( Kural, 1 )

Why would Thiruvalluvar compare the letter “A” with the primordial god? The answer lies in verse 392 which says,”Letters and numbers are the two eyes of mankind.”

The twain that lore of numbers and of letters give