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38th Chennai Book Fair – 9th Jan – 21st Jan இடம்: YMCA மைதானம் No.333, அண்ணா சாலை, நந்தனம், சென்னை – 600 035 நாள்: 09, ஜனவரி – 21, ஜனவரி, 2015 நேரம்: விடுமுறை நாட்களில்: காலை 11:00 மணி முதல் இரவு 8:30 மணி வரை வேலை நாட்களில்: மதியம் 2:00 மணி முதல் இரவு 8:30 மணி வரை     View Larger Map

Vikatan’s Ponniyin Selvan Book

Vikatan’s version of Kalki’s “Magnum Opus” Ponniyin Selvan with Paintings from first Oringal Version by Mr. Maniam. We have to thank Vikatan for doing this. If you look at the images, they have printed the paintings in the center page and wherever it was in the orignal version. It is …

Ponniyin Selvan @ 35th Chennai Book Fair

Ponniyin Selvan @ 35th Chennai Book Fair, all publishers and book sellers has them on display and selling it like hot cakes. They are all over the place from cheaper versions to Vikatan’s with Original Mr. Maniam paintings. Kalki’s Ponniyin Selvan is still in hearts of people (after 50 years!) …


35th Chennai Book Fair – 5th Jan to 17th Jan 2012

For all the book lovers (or Worms) BAPASI will have 35th Chennai Book Fair @ St. George Anglo Indian Hr. Secondary School. With respect to History books two members of our group are releasing their book. Kanchi Tharagai by Anusha Manimala – Dr. Kailasam and Kadal Kottai & Parimelazhagan – Udhayanan Update – …