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  • Dear All,
    What would be Kalaki's or Raja Raja Cholan's
    Opinion on the Interview,had they seen it if they were

    Congrats to all those who brought attention and
    bringing more and more enthusiastic PS lovers here to
    the egroup.Its great feeling to be in such an active

    As we get more and more members, it would also be
    great as to think of agendas that this group might
    give for its members and Tamil classical lovers.

    What are its future plans?

    It would be great, if we could come up with ideas or
    plans for future actions so that members get more and
    more on Cholas and Tamil Classics.Apart from being a
    discusson forum,this group has shown that egroup can
    do more.

    A question that bothers me as of now among many is,
    Who are the poets who have sung the praise of Raja
    Raja Chola?
    Did Auvaiyar live during Raja Raja Chola's period?
  • Dear friends

    Sorry guys a bit busy...

    its really great to know our group is on the TV

    Unfortunately cannot watch SunTV or J Tv in UK can anyone record and upload please.(In fact it would be a good idea to upload all media and TV news and interveiws on to the website)

    Madhav......Aivaiyaar didnt live in Rajaraja Cholas period...she lived a good few hundreds of years ago...sangam period

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