Tastes Differ
  • Dear All,
    I think as a member pointed earlier,lets
    agree that people have different tastes.

    Anyway, I think as long as we "think" on certain
    issues, thats fine as it helps us to learn.Whether its
    flooring or fotos.Its also good to learn from sharing
    other's opinion rather than being silent.May be they
    agree for everything (n)or nothing.

    But I would be happy to know if in Ponniyin Selvan,
    are there any characters who appreciates only the art
    for art sake as some people feel in the so called
    modern or post modern world.
    Or the characters in Ponniyin Selvan, appreciated art
    only from the spiritual views.

    Because, as I learn on our Chola Period, I think most
    of their arts and culture centered on the
    spiritualism,what I meant by that is "piece of what we
    now call as art or sculpture,whatever one may call"
    was more of divine to them.Or atleast I think so.

    People need to accept that Lord Nadarajah would be the
    first dancer.I haven't heard of any older dancer than
    Lord Nadaraja.Please let me know if I am wrong.

    Also wonder how this group thought of the idea of
    bringing students and locals for "thiruthonndu".

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