PS trp snaps - saataiadi for me
  • Dear Sathya,
    Thanks for sharing the fotos with the group and
    making a "sattai adi" for those of us,who have left
    our land of wonders in search of something and ending
    in appreciating "artificial beauties".
    When I visited the "Wax Museum",except for one or two
    statues,others were not impressive.
    But having paid that 15 pounds and coming out and
    thinking about the temples I have once mentioned to my
    friends,from Big Temple to Annamalai Temple or
    Suseendram I felt my ego having been beaten left and
    right.People who visited Suseendram would know some of
    the real architecural finest pieces are there,but the
    condition of them remains and reminds as a deep wound
    in heart.
    So do I feel seeing your fotos,some of us likes to pay
    in Dollars and other foreign currencies,to see the
    artifical flowers and yet we have no time to
    appreciate the garden natural roses,at home.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding the great natural
    I hope and wish,that soon people would gather strength
    to appreciate the home beauties and develop,maintain
    and be proud in saying "Old is Gold".

    Its nothing more than appreciating the "Herry
    porters",but not seeing the great "Ponniyin Selvan" or
    other classics.We need to appreciate other languages
    and arts,but not at the expense of our own.
    We need to assimilate the best from others,and yet
    remain as we.

    Anyway,its all my personnel experiences,and feelings.
    Once again thanks for sharing those wonderful fotos,to
    remind us,who we are and what we are doing.

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