Power of Ponniyin Selvan
  • Dear All,
    Its seems the idea of cleaning the
    cultural monuments and places of traditional
    historical values seems definitely a great idea in
    this group.

    This is one main reason,why we need to create an
    interest in reading "Ponniyin Selvan" to the present
    younger generation(including myself,having missed it
    when I was younger) so that we all know the GREAT
    Cultures of our ancestors.And to maintain(if not
    create similar ones,atleast maintain and preserve)
    them is our utmost duty.

    The idea of bringing interested students and the local
    general public with a passion for the country's
    culture seems very bright and feasible idea,specially
    when I read in this group,that people remind of their
    old days "Siramathanappani". So is the idea of
    contributions of other kinds with whatever one is
    possible,due to different reasons including the
    location difficulty.

    As adults,people needs to create the environment of
    creating interests in these novels.

    I also would appreciate,that a little knowledge of
    other histories and cultures would help us all to
    undersatnd our culture more better.

    If Ponniyin Selvan set in a background of thousand
    years old, written more than few decades ago could
    still inspire people,The power of Ponniyin Selvan must
    be really worth to keep pondering over it again and

    I would be more happy to learn on Ponniyin Selvan's
    classic as how much of it is still relevant?

    What were the situations that helped Raja Raja Chola
    to be remembered as one of the greatest kings of all
    times among the Tamils?

    What was the cultural environment for the growth of
    arts,during that period?

    Since I am still to read,I wonder at some of these.
    Would be very happy to hear your comments.

    I am sending this to my friends,so that if they are
    interested,could join this group and also contribute
    if they want.

    The subject lines might ring bells to some,who have
    read "The power of Identity",Manuel Castells. ;)

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