Good Bye!!!
  • Dear PS group members,
    I heard about PS group initially thought there will be discussions in
    tamil or atleast no one will object to tamil writing.

    But here the situation was opposite. I thought this was due to
    technical difficulty in writing tamil and attempted to offer some
    technical info/help (as i do in other tamil groups) . But i received
    not a good response, some were provocative for me and naturally i also
    reverted back. But unlike the goons who are againt tamil writing, the
    tamil lovers who love to write in tamil have kept quite. So i am now
    painted as a tamil veRiyan in this group :) . (The funniest part is
    nobody from other race whome i interact have called me as tamil
    fanatic. And i have not hidden my love for tamil from the
    chinese/malays/hindi people whom i interact with.)

    Kripa, i hope you are not offended by my comment "kadalaimittai
    viyaabaram". I was using it in lighter terms, just to pull your legs
    as i do when i chat with you.

    Its unfortunate that those idiots have taken this and started shouting
    that i have disrupted the harmony of this groups.

    The group moderator is also an useless person who does not seem to
    realise the importance of allowing the tamil writing.

    And FYI, i found today the following Poll started by the group
    moderator, was removed today morning.

    > Question: How do like the idea of using e-kalappai (or murasu) for
    > writing mails?
    > Responses:
    > 1. I have no problems
    > 2. I cant use them

    Not sure why this poll was removed without informing the results. But
    latest when i checked it had 25 votes in total and had ***60%
    responded FOR Tamil writing**** and 40% against it. [whoever have
    removed this poll, please act on your consice and anounce the results
    to the group.]
    So its clear that majority want tamils writing.

    But a handful of crooks over here are making noise and the moderator
    also have banned tamil writing in Ponniyin Selvan group(Kalki might
    turn in his grave if he hears this).

    Then that "Arivu jeevi" Sridhar has mentioned, PS has hit the
    headlines in the media headlines... blah blah....
    Now also PS can hit the media headlines *for banning tamil script* ;) .

    I have also met few good hearts in this group. Thanks a lot.

    A big Good bye! VanaKkam! Sayanora! from your "tamil veRiyan" Mugunth _/_

    (yes... I hear sigh of relief from few ;) )

    [If anyone of you want to scold me or write kandanam please put a copy
    to my email id "[email protected]" , or you can buzz me in YIM id:

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