Now u can buy PS from Kalki mag itself.
  • Friends,

    Those who want to order PS via NET can do so from kalki magazine's

  • I hope this hardbound version is the "real" one with
    pictures. Then it would be worth buying (Total comes
    to USD 58.65+shipping. If its the usual "padhipagam"
    version without pics, there is a less expensive
    edition available (there may be cheaper ones, but this
    one was reliable, dhanya shd know, its Indian Express'
    site). Its INR 473+shipping.
    Thanks for the info Mathy!
    This is the link, in case u r interested in taking a
  • I have this hard bound version and i got this through
    internet from thambi internet book shop. they sent it
    to me ...for 66 $ including shipping. THis DOESN'T
    have any pictures anywhere, other than at the cover.

  • Dear friends

    The kalki magazine denies any links with the ad in their website.

    Gowra publications say they have released a Colour Vol 1 at 200 rs will check out and let u know tomorrow the rest are in prep.

    Madras prices vanathy pathipakam hard bound 525 Rs for all 5 vol

    300Rs Soft bound Gowra

    so see if it is worth buying in the US spending so much if u have someone who can buy and post

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