Chaturvedimangalam and Bhramadeyam
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    we find often these in inscriptions, can any 1 tell us the diff ?
    whats the basic diff from Chaturvedimangalam and Bhramadeyam?
  • Ellam Brahmam ngra podhu where do similarities and dissimilarities arise???

    But if i get a piece of land like that i would start an 100% EOU on that land.... nalla panam paathuduven.....(budhdhi adhu maadhiri dhaan velai seiyyudhu)

    "Jeevanaar sivanaarai arindha pin.. jeevanaar sivanaayittu irupparey"
  • I have not read Vishnupuram but have read a couple of his works. I loved both the novels. One was a spoof on all crime novels, titled 'naangaavathu kolai' (can be read in archives). Other is a more intense novel titled 'kaadu'. I have heard quite a bit abt. Vishnupuram, it down there in my big list of books to be read.

    You guys were spot on abt. 'JJ sila kurippugal'. I liked his recent work 'kuzhanthaigal pengaL aaNgaL' better tho'.

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