• Ok; let's start.

    I feel aabathudhavigal are much more dedicated in a sense that they were
    ready for anything (i mean anything) to restore back the power for
    But from PS, what we could foresee is "kaikkoappadai" are less sensible
    because they are more crude, brutal and they were ready to sacrifice their
    life - moment they see danger to their boss - the king; whether they would
    have been as cunning as "aabathudahavigal" to ingress into enemy's close

    aabathudhavigal are more like CIA
    kaikkolappadai are more like Commando force.

    Correct me, if I am wrong.
  • thiru muruganandam avargale...Mr. Muruganandam,

    neenga sonnadhu edho vivadham aarambippadhu pola illai..... what you have said doesnt look like starting a debate.....

    solomon paaopaiyya solra theerpu maadhiri irukku.... it looks like a judgement given by solomon paappaiyya

    idhu mudivurai maadhiri irukku, munnurai maadhiri illai.... it looks like a conclusion and not a start
  • -

    are the aabathudahavikal the pandyan equivalent of the chola

    perhaps the objectives are same.

    (but in ps , velakara padai sacrifice themselves after the king is
    killed inspite of their protection
    the abathudavikaL go after the killer with the objective of revenge.)

    can sri, sps or swetha give more info on these guardian troops?

  • vanakkam,

    The discussion started with abaththudavigal and therinja kaikolap
    padai, now velakkarap padai is also into the picture!

    I think velakkarap padai and abaththudavigal are the same. They are
    the bodyguards(meikappalar) of the royal people, esp the king, crown
    prince etc.

    ippo ulla black cats, SPG, Z security ellarukkum ivanga than munnodi!

    therinja kaikkolap padai is altogether a different category. They
    are a regiment of the Chozha army. ithila niraiya divisions irukku.
    valangaip padai, idangaip padai-nu niraiya irukku.

    I think Dr.Jaybee, SPS, Dr.Sridhar and our Varalaru team will have
    better knowledge about all these.

    BTW, I don't think we can ditstinguish by telling velakkarap padai
    will commit suicide and abaththudavigal are more keen on revenge!
    ivangaloda ore kurikkol is protection. They may kill/attack while
    trying to protect the king. If they fail in their mission, they are
    supposed to kill themselves. They commit harakiri(navakantam).

    If am right, Kalki describes this when he introduces the Velakkarap
    padai's procession and their flag. Ravidasan & co, should have
    committed harakiri as abaththudavigal of the Pandya king. They have
    no business of taking revenge. PS kathaikkaga Kalki ippadi
    ezhuthinarnu than ninaikkiren. He had to fit Ravidasan in the novel,
    and made him a Pandya bodyguard!

  • Does anyone think separation of the armed forces as
    "left hand" and "right hand" was a starter of rating
    people as higher class/lower class, based on their
    caste of birth?

    Why would somebody divide the military as "left hand"
    and "right hand" ?
  • I think the this is related to the flank formations in the armies
    rather than anything to do with class/caste system. All armies used
    this formation and used their flanks to attack the opposite flank of
    the opposite army. i.e the left flank will attack the right flank of
    the army. By identifying the flanks as kais, it shows that our kings
    are good generals who knows enough about fighting with big armies. It
    would be interesting to know how the wars were fought in the takkolam
    or thirupirambium with the flank formations with huge armies. There
    are lot of info available about the wars by the great Roman Generals
    to Napoleon available in net. Now the warfare is totally different
    from the days of the yore..

    Muthu Prakash R

  • if we take kalkis word caste also played a role in sections of the army.
    in the rameshwaram episode he talks to representatives of the kaikolar

    famous warriors of those days,they were chosen to be the agaparivara
    padai.kalki says they are the weaver caste of his time.
    kalki also brings in local politics and says there was a scarcity of
    thread for this section which was causing distress.
  • Dear VK
    I agree with Muthuprakash that they were just regiments and not actually different class or castes

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