Trip to Chola desam
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    Hope we all r having 3 days of Holidays from 13th ,14th and 15th August,
    shall we make a trip to Chola desam.

    Dear Pavitra/ Satish,

    Can u pls organise ? may be a trip from PSVP , lets our Varalaaru .com members guide us.

    pls discuss
  • Dear Shankaran,

    I am occupied on 11,12 with some work which might stretch till 13
    also. Hence I will not be able to commit anything as of now.
    Even if a trip is arranged on those three days, I am not sure
    whether I can join. Kindly excuse me. If someone else can arrange,
    then I might try to join you on 14th probably.
  • vanakkam,

    enakkum ithe prachanai than. As we are having three days leave, I
    have already arranged for some other visits during this period. If
    the majority accept this date, then I should consider myself
    unfortunate :-(

    irunthalum, enakku nappasai pogalai. What about the last weekend of
    August? 26th Aug is Gokulashtami and a holiday. It also happens to
    be a friday. So, we have a long weekend!


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