Are Panadeys and Pandyas related to our Pandiayans???
  • I have seen quite a few people with Pandey (Mangal Pandey) and Pandya as
    surname. They are all not Tamilians. But people from UP and Bihar. Are
    they in anyway related to the Madurai Pandiayarkal.

    PS: There is even a Nalbandiyan (Tennis Player) in Argentina ;-)))
  • May be or may not.

    But, if taken his way, Nilakanta Shastri, spelled Cholas as Colas.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • David Nalbandian was actually Draavida Nallapaandiyan.. his ancestors were
    from one of the obscure branches of the pandyas who, before Lemuria went
    under the sea, swam across the small river channel then connecting Lemuria
    to South America.

    His favourite food is idli and he likes Khushboo

    Arun *tongue firmly in cheek* Krishnan :-)

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