• Dear All,

    I am having a doubt about the calendars and date calculation.

    We know the calendar which we use now is the Greogorian Calendar which
    was introduced to India after the Europeans came to India. Before
    that, Indians traditional date system is that 12 months (chithirai,
    vaikasi..) and the 60 years in the tamil calendar. This 60 years with
    the respective names will be repeated and they didn't had the
    incremental numbers on its own.

    If this is so, how do we calculate the lifetime period of the Chola
    kings ? Or if the kalvettus and inscriptions that we get contain the
    Gregorian calendar years like 985 AD etc ? Or the inscriptions contain
    the old tamil year names ?

    Or is it only the carbon dating (or any similar mechanism) used to
    find the age of the kalvettus ?

    Pls throw some lime light on this area..
  • Hi Guganya,

    We have "Thiruvalluvar" Year and "Kali" year. You can
    find this on any Tamil daily sheet calender. I think
    all stone inscriptions are based on the Kali year.
  • Interestingly, KNS discusses the same issue in the first chapter in
    the 'A brief history of south India' and explains the various ways
    of dating the kalvettus. Saka era dating is common in some kalvettus
    and others are dated by their language (usage of words, whether
    vatteluthu was used etc, this is extensively used by Vaiyapuri
    pillai for dating the sangam era literature). Also, mentioning of
    celestial events also help in dating the inscriptions. Since the
    book is written in 1955, I assume that carbon dating was not in
    vogue at that time!!

    Not sure about Kali year but I think Thiruvalluvar year is a recent
    invention and not used in kalvettus..

    Muthu Prakash R

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