Pls start reserving place for tamil books like Ponniyinselvan in good museum
  • Mugunth,

    I don't understand why you take it in a way that we
    are opposing tamizh. I don't know why you think that
    you are the only tamizhan in this entire world and
    others are not tamizhans at all.

    People here in US doesn't have the luxury for using
    tamizh fonts on office machines. I don't have a
    machine here my own. If iam in chennai i will dfnly
    install tamizh fonts in my machine and start using it.
    Nothing like we don't like tamizh or doesn't want to
    use tamizh.

    If feel that we also are part of this group and want
    to read all the mails. Iam not able to read those
    letters whatever comes in tamizh fonts. There is no
    chance I can install tamizh fonts in my office
    machine. So i request you to continue in english. I
    don't know what more to explain on this.

    thanks for your understanding

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