Ponniyinselvan - Sankaracharya & Ramanjuar
  • Dear Friends,

    Can anyone furnish info on relationships between Rajaraja & Rajendra Chola
    with Kanchi Sankaracharyas (during that period) and also with Ramanjuar
    (probably with Rajendra Chola ?


  • Hi All,

    I am a silent member of this group.

    I just like to reply this,

    In case of Sri Ramanuja, he had a very bad
    relationship with the cholas. When he was in
    prominence as the acharya of the Sri Vaishnavas at
    Srirangam, he faced the wrath of Chola King
    (Kulothunga I), since the king was a saivate.

    Sri Ramanuja was forced to leave Srirangam and reached
    Melkote and established a temple there. He returned
    back to Srirangam only after the death of Kulothunga
    Chola 1.

    But the later chola kings had no issues of that sort,
    so that Sri Vaishnavam flourished with the base as
    I hope you all know Kambar did Ramayanam arangatram at
    Srirangam only, cholas were not actually his patron
    for that work. IMHO, the Cholas are great patrons of
    arts, great in every aspect, but they were more
    inclined towards the Saivism.

    I have no idea about Kanchi Sankarachrayas relations
    with cholas, but I believe that they were not in that
    much prominence. Nambiandar Nambi, was instrumental in
    finding the Saiva Thirumurais with the help of
    Rajaraja Cholan.
    As you all know the Periya Puranam was composed as per
    the wish of the Kulothunga Chola.

    The Saiva scholars following the footsteps of the
    Nayanmars were the prominent persons. Chidambaram was
    the prime place for Saivism. I dont think it is in any
    way related to Kanchi Sankarachrayas (I may be
    completely wrong). They would have been known more to
    the Advaita-vedanta following temples or religious

    Actually Sri Ramanuja was taught Advaita philosophy,
    but since he was not convinced with it, he started
    following the philosophy of Alwars. He is not the
    starter of visistadvaita, but the important Archarya
    among a great succession of followers of Sri

    Expecting comments,
  • The next King in the Chola Clan after Abaya Kulothunga, was Vikrama Cholan.

    Vaishnavism, witnessed lots of developement in his period and he was also cocerned about the developement of Srirangam temple. And it continued for rest of Chola Generations.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • chola kings were shaivites.A bit ironic,since they called themselves
    as descendents of ragu clan of Lord Rama.Many added vaishnavite names
    even though they were shaivites Eg:Aditha kothandarama cholan.

    Shankaracharya's were advaithis.Advaitha is a different philosophy
    from shaivism and vaishnavism.Many vaishnavites mistake advaithis to
    be shaivites,but they arent.As far as I know chola kings werent
    related to advaitha.Kulothunga chola prosecuted Ramanuja and plucked
    the eyes of koorathalvan and periyavachan pillai.Vaishnavites still
    call him 'kirumi kanda cholan' for that.

    We dont know whether it was kulothunga I or II who did that.But strong
    possibilities are there for that king being kulothunga I.
  • On the foreword for Moovarula by Ottakuthar, U.Ve.Sa highlights, that Ainthaal Mathil, Rama temple and few other constructions in Thiruvarangam, were by Vikrama Cholan. I am yet to find, the exact lines for this.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Another good source to look into would be Kovil Ozhugu, which
    chronicles the activities of the Sriranga temple, its traditions and

    I believe the Kirumi Kanda Chozhan of Vaishnavities was Kulottunga
    II, tradition holds that he threw the Govindaraja Swami of
    Chidambaram temple into the see, which was restored later by the

    There is a current trend to hype about the tolerance and secularism
    of Indian kings. But history as much as it reveals our ancient
    glories also reveals our failings and flaws.

    Kulottunga II was one such case. Saivite literature praises Nedumaran
    who turned to saivisim converted by THiruJyanasambandar, but
    Buddhist/Jain sources talk of Koon Pandiyan who impaled hundreds of
    monks after he turned apostate.

    What of Mahendra Pallava who tortured THirunavukkarasar before
    converting to Saivam. We too have cases of such religious intolerance.

    RamJanmaBhoomi/Babri Masjid is just history repeating itself. Lot of
    temples built during Chozha times were built by destroying
    buddhist/Jain monastries/temples. Of course it is also possible that
    those stupas were in first place built over hindu temples.

    Just goes on to prove that History repeats itself too often and only
    be studying history, could we avoid repeating the mistakes.

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