How to Read/Write Tamil in Computer?
  • Dear friends,
    Some of you might have been bugged by few mails in
    tamil which you were not able to read.

    But many of us were very much bugged by your "Tamil in
    English" or "Tanglish" mails ;)

    Please for Tamil's sake spare few minutes to learn to
    type tamil in computers.

    Believe me it will take only 10 -15 mins if you are
    carefully following the instructions given.

    Following are some of the Links which will help you in
    Using tamil in computers:

    For Writing/reading Tamil in windows computers
    Download & Install eKalappai from:

    Help for writing tamil in any windows application:

    To see a flash demo of how to install & use eKalappai:
    (It takes time so you need to wait for sometime to
    watch the flash demo)

    If you still have doubts on how to read/write tamil:
    send a mail to [email protected]

    e-uthavi is formed to help those who have difficulty
    in writing tamil. Some volunteers will help you over
    mail or instant messengers like Yahoo or MSN.

    e-uthavi contains a database of volunteers who are
    ready to offer tamil computing help over phone. There
    are 18 volunteers from different countries listed
    there. This database can be accessed thro this link:

    You can find out from this list whether anybody is
    near your place and call them. But before calling them
    send out an email and inform that you will be calling.

    If you still have any doubts , you can always mail me
    or YIM me (Yahooid: muguntharaj) or call me overphone
    (My phone no: +60 12 2976083[malaysia Number] )

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