• Hi all,

    I knew that Jayankondam town in Perambalur district is built by
    Rajendra Chola after some victory and its initial name was "Jayankonda

    Recently only the name is reduced as "Jayankondam". But I dont know
    the story behind that town. Can anyone throw light on which victory
    made him to build that town ?
  • Jayankonda Cholan, was given to Great Raja Raja

    After the victory over Lakshadeep, Munneer
    Panneerayiram, Raja Raja Cholan assumed the Title of
    Jayankonda Cholan and the city is called Jayankonda
    Chola puram. I am not aware of who costructed it, but
    proximity to Gangai Konda Chola puram, indicates, it
    may be related to Rajendhra Cholan.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Munneer Pazhantheevu Paneeraayiram, is Malatheevu and not Lakshadeep, I regret.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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