No Subject .... (:-))))
  • Veena,
    Although a lot of us, haven't met each other, we still maintain a very
    cordial relation and all our views have been regarded in the right
    spirit. But I fear we are crossing the limits, when we begin to post
    messages, that might hurt religious sentiments. We already had one guy
    pull out of thiss group, when there people here didn't accept his
    views. I don't want another member to pull out from the group for the
    same reason.

    And it's been a long time, we had discussed things in a lighter vain.
    Konjam nakaikkalaamE ;-))))
  • Vijay
    I know so many who have pulled out of this group including my brother..There was a member who suspended her activities but resumed them at my request albeit very lightly

    There are so many KV Raja,Latha,Sathya,....the list is endless.I dont know if they all have left or became silent

    So if we dont want to loose anymore we have to know whento stop

    Thanks for highlighting it

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