Rajaraja Chozhan film
  • HI All,
    Yesterday, the film, Rajaraja Chozhan movie was broadcasted in Raj
    Digital Plus channel. Don't know how many of u watched that. Even though
    I had seeen the movie in my childhood days, thiss is the first time, I
    am seeing it, after reading Ponniyin Selvan and knowing so much about
    Chozha dynasty and the story of Rajaraja Chozhan.

    What was surprising was the costume designing done to the characters.
    Especially that of Baladevar (nambiyaar's role). The costume was exactly
    the one given by Maniam Selvam to Periya PazhuvEttaraiyar. I think the
    costume designers had taken Maniam Selvan's paintings as reference to
    design the costumes to the various characters.

    What I would like to know is, how much amount of truth is the story
    line of this movie. 'Coz of all the enemies Rajaraja had, I had never
    seen the name Satyasreyan of Rettaipaadi naadu. At least such a person
    was never mentioned in of the mails that is flowing in this group. Can
    anybody elaborate about the fight between Rajaraja Chozhan and
    Satyasreyan of Rettaipaadi naadu and where was this province situated in
    Rajaraja's period.
  • Dear Vijay
    an interesting tit bit
    when AP Nagarajan was making the movie Big temple had electric lights which he wanted dismantled when it was refused he made a set of big temple

    Rajaraja did fight the western chalukyas in an attempt to keep them out of tamilnadu and help the vengi chalukyas...I think the Chalukya king was Satyasaraya

    Infact I Stumbled on a website which claim the chalukyas of kalyani defeated Rajaraja


    I dont know if this is true or Karnataka Chauvinism

    Only the learned have to shed some light in this case

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