uthamachozhan vs. RR
  • historically, what are the evidences that there was
    friction between RR and UC? i can think of two:

    1)ravidasan and co. were not punished until RR came to

    this brings many questions. during UC's rule, were
    they free, or in jail? if free, why didn't they try to
    escape to some other region? if they were in jail,
    then maybe UC wanted RR to have the honor of bringing
    ravidasan and co. to justice.

    2)RR apparently did not take part in any conquests
    during UC's rule (correct me if this is wrong).

    comments welcome.

  • I guess, Ravidasan was the Amaichar for Uthama Cholan!

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • We cannot say that he was a minister just because of the title
    Brahmadhirayar. According to Dr.Kalaikkovan, such titles were given to even
    common people irrespective of their job. An inscription quotes that
    naavidhars(who did hair cut for the king and the people in aranmanai) and
    parisaarakars(who carried food from madappalli to temple) had the similar
  • Dear SPS,

    Good piece of information. I think in PS itself Kalki gives this
    information that, the title irumudi choza is given to people of high
    profile and they have the right to order in two chola desmas namely
    tamil nadu and lanka. Mummudi cholan is having rights in all the
    three chola desas including the sri vijaya and other countries
    overseas. correct me if I am wrong.
  • But, the Greatest RajaRaja Chola, assumed this title, after ' Kandhalur saalai kalamarutharuli..'.

    So, in the fight at Kandhalur Saalai, in todays Travancore, Raja Raja Chola, defeated Baskara Ravi Verman, the Chera and Amarabhujanga Pandyan, the then Pandya.

    It was here he assumed the title, of Mummudi Cholan. Cholas did not conqure the Srivijaya Samraajya or the Kadaram until the time of Great Rajendhra Cholan!

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Dear All
    Kalki doesnt define or say what is irumudi or mumudi....
    But he gives the hint as to that it means the chola chera and pandya

    chola and pandya is irumudi and chola chera pandya is mummudi thats
    why RR wasnt called mummudi chola till kanthalur chalai.

    Second gaining control is one thing and ruling is another If you
    defeat a king and captures his throne then You are mudi kondan but if
    you perform another pattabishekam in that throne you are the rightful
    and legal; king...

    Thats where you get names like Cholakeralan and Chola pandyan

    Srilanka nad Sri vijayam were not part of it....

    y second reason is why would they classify srilanka as second mudi
    and srivijayam as third mudi what about kanga nadu and chalukya desam
    and irataimandalam....

    so the mumudi are Chola Pandya chera mudis
  • Will somebody oneday take a movie of PS?
  • Dear SPS,

    What is your profession and where do you live?

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