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  • Dear Friends,

    Hearty Greetings on the occasion of Happy Pongal. World Tamils support the traditions of Tamilnadu. Hope soon there will statutory clearances for conducting Eru Thazhuval.

    Last week I recd a copy of Thirumaligai from a friend. Same day when I visited Chennai book fair, I purchased one copy of Thirumaligai from Palaniappa Bros stall. Visited Thanjai Tamil university, Madras University, Saraswathi mahal stalls and purchased some books. Also purchased Dr. Kalaikkovan's books from Sekar Padhippagam.. As ever seen several versions of PS in Tamil and English too. And sequences and prequels too.

    Dear Gokul - one of our Group moderators - member in editorial board has written and published several books like Paisasam . Rajalesari Cherankottai etc., I was one the first few to get the first few copies of Cheran Kottai from dear Gokul himself in Kumbakonam function - conducted a couple of years back under the auspicious of Dr. Kalaikkovan and Dr. Nalini - Dyons of South Indian History.

    Prasasti of Rajaraja - "thirumagal pola perunichelviyunth thamakke... " contains the term " Kandalur salaikkalamrutharuli .. "..

    Ezhuthu chithar Balakumaran has written a fiction Kadigai related to this. Gokul's Cheran kottai is much wider and deeper version outlining several factors of Chera Martial art.

    An inscription found in Sengam near Tiruvannamalai about 35 years back came out with a new piece of information :" Kandalur salaikklamarithu angulla malayalar kazhutharuthu ... "

    Gokul built the cresendo of "one to one test of skill and strength" so beautifully in this fiction - which we can say is a prelude to Rajaraja's ascending the throne.

    In Thirumaligai - he has taken clue from the inscription at Palkulathamman Udayalur (incidentally this I first showed to our Group in the Mudhal Yathirai about 13 years back ) which contain the terms " Udayar sri sri sri Rajarajadevar Ezhuntharulinindra THIRUMAALIGAI thiru mundril jeernotharanamana padiyal... "

    Much has been discussed here in our Group, in articles and several articles published in several magazines all these years...

    Dear Gokul picturised an elderly Rajararajan as " Periya thevar " and took the time line to post - Rajaraja period and beautifully woven a wonderful story line with photos and inscriptions - kindling enormous interest to the readers..

    A must read.. Whoever able to visit the Book fair, do not fail to visit Palaniappa Bros and buy Cheran Kottai and Thirumaligai. Next to these books on the same row you will find Vizag Dhiwakar;s Emden and other books.. You will also find several other books written by several members - Muruganandam's in Vikadan, Anushavenkats in Vanathi and so on...

    Really we are so much fortunate to have such great members amongst us who are celebrated authors... including Dr. Kailasam - Director Survey of India !!

    Nice ... whether these fictions do represent the Historical lines... CLOSELY... ? YES,,'

    but Not appears to be FULLY..

    Wl mail on these again ...

    anbudan - sps

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