AADIPERUKKU - 3rd - Thiruvadhirai 4th & Punarvasu 5th August 2013
  • Last Sunday Kudavoil Dr, Balu sir purlished in the Dhinamani -

    confirming Aadi thiruvadhirai - birth star of Rajendra and

    - en ayyan pirandha Aippasi Sadhayam - confirming Aippasi Sadhayam for Rajaraja !! -

    quoting Thiruvarur Inscriptions !!

    With Rajaraja ascended the throne on Aadi Punarvasu August 5th,

    Rajendra's birth star Aadi Thiruvadhirai on August 4th and

    Aadi Perukku on the 3rd August - we have so many important events to recall, relish and relive !!


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